VFAN gets taken to the wood shed by McLarty

Hahahaha……. I love it!!!

Colin, let’s get the facts straight….I didn’t call you a “right wing bar”, it was “right wing nut job” and I don’t believe I used the term “small minded bigot”, it was “narrow minded bigot”, although I can’t be sure of this because you deleted the post….If I used the word “small”, I apologize because “small minded” implies being stupid which I wasn’t intending, while the use of “narrow minded” would refer to your view on the subject matter. Bigot is defined as “a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially: one who regards or treats the members of a group”. So let’s put all this into the context of the subject matter….(this is the “get your head out of your ass” part)….to quote from your blog “Western countries then put in place laws in their own countries that outlaw Islamic practices that do not correspond with western values…..” and “In short a specific set of laws that deal with issues very real within western countries that relate to Islam.” Now, I don’t think your intention was to suggest the western world adopt policies similar to that of the Nazi’s, but I’m afraid that’s how it reads. As I continued reading, I came across this gem…… “up to 30% of Muslims actually agree with the fundamentalist facets of their religion and quietly, with a nod and a wink, agree with the goals set out by Islamic State”…. What you did is take a stat from a poll with a very small sample size (British Muslims) relative to the group you were generalizing about (1.6 billion Muslims) and forced into the point you were attempting to make. Also, there is no mention of the socio-economic profile of the group being polled (rich, poor etc..) so again there’s no context to this 30% figure you’re throwing out there….blah, blah….I’m not going down this road again.

I think it’s also important to note that all of the above followed this comment from you; “ You need to expand your horizons an little and start looking outside your progressive socialist box Robert”…and this isn’t the first time you said this type of thing to me and I know it’s just part of the banter, however on this occasion following what I had just read in your blog, telling you to get your “head out of your ass” was as polite as I could put it. Colin, I regret none of my comments and while I won’t go as far as saying I was offended by that particular blog post, I was surprised by the level of intolerance you seemed to be okay with. As a somewhat regular commenter on this blog who does not use an anonymous handle, I sure as hell wanted to make sure I made my thoughts known. Lastly, I hope I don’t need to point out the irony in the final paragraph of your latest blog; “Remember everyone, we live in one of the best countries on earth, this blog and others like it only exist because our forefathers spilled much blood and treasure to give us this right of freedom of expression and speech. So please be respectful.”

Such dour humourless souls…….

I got into a bit of a spat with one of my regular commenters this past week. It was regarding a post I wrote on how the problems in Syria and Iraq might be solved. As I have mentioned many times in this space I am not a university educated person, my post secondary education is limited to some trade school and courses related to my chosen profession. So my reasoning skills  sometimes leave a little to be desired. Those of you that have followed this blog over the years, must have noticed that through the school of hard knocks with many embarrassing grammatical and spelling errors my writing has improved a tad over time. I have had numerous folks tell me that although they sometimes disagree with my viewpoint, appreciate the conversations that I start. I have said  all along that I don’t always agree  with some of the stuff I write but put it out there to bring unpopular, opposing opinion to the table. Judging from the 200 – 300 views per day this blog still receives, even when I am not posting for weeks on end,  it seems  I might be doing something right.

Back to the spat mentioned above. I am the first to admit when I am wrong in my thinking or in my opinion. I always welcome and enjoy hearing a different view to my own. Case in point the person I have been having ongoing spats with  mentioned that “We already have laws in place dealing with Muslim related hate speech and violence perpetrated by Muslims”. The person was right and I would have quite happily backed off from my waffling until the person told me to “get my head out of my ass”, called me a “right-wing nut bar” and a “small minded bigot”. At that point the conversation is over, and I did what I  rarely do on this blog, deleted one comment, after I had allowed it, then deleted the next  without even posting it. I have been stewing about this the past few days, hence the reason for this post. I welcome and embrace all comments especially those that disagree me. I also try to be respectful in my responses to those of you that disagree with what I say. A lot of the stuff I write is based on much online political reading, conversations with the “Grumpy Old White Guys” from the coffee shop, other day to day talk with friends, co-workers et al. Hence the name of this blog view from a “Nobody”.

As most of you may have gathered by now, my perspective comes from the right side of the political spectrum. I am a Thatcher conservative. I hate crony capitalism,  corporate welfare, those that think that because they won life’s lottery and have ended up with a cushy government job and gold plated pension plan, have more right to my money than I do. I dislike  the hypocrisy that exists at all levels of government across all party lines. Although I do find that same hypocrisy exists more from the left of center side of the equation than the right (but I could be biased). I also find the progressives  such dour humourless souls and are often firmly entrenched in their viewpoints, and as I find with this blog resort to name calling and insults rather than respectful reasoned argument.  If you look back through past posts,  notice the tone of my right of center commenters and compare it to that of the lefty’s, the difference is quite  pronounced.

One last thing,  on a very different note. I have had numerous people ask why I have stopped commenting on our local political scene. The answer is quite simple, I am working out of town at present and my week day home is in Hamilton. I am unable to attend council meetings on Monday evenings, I no longer have my finger on that particular pulse, so do not feel that I am in a place to write about that subject matter. That will not always be the case and as soon as I finish the project  I am working on down south, will get back to the main stay of this blog, so bear with me. In the mean time this is your forum, if any of you have anything that you want me to post, or an issue you think needs to be addressed locally, I am more than happy to publish on this blog.

Remember everyone,  we live in one of the best countries on earth, this blog and others like it only exist because our forefathers spilled much blood and treasure to give us this right of freedom of expression and speech. So please be respectful.

The emperors fiddle while Rome burns

Those of you that are of a socialist, lefty, progressive bent, must be absolutely beside yourself with glee lately. By the end of this week there will no conservative governments in charge anywhere across Canada, provincial or federally (Brad Wall’s right of centre Saskatchewan Party does not count, because it doesn’t suit the current narrative of this post). Also if you take into consideration the ineffective socialist seat warmer, kicking his heals in Washington, the liberal/progressive brand has never had it so good in this country. So now there are no excuses, we should be heading for a period of liberal utopia, a land of milk and honey, social justice for all, water will turn to wine, the blind will see again…… Let’s see how that all works out for us.

Premier Windbag is giddy with self-assured pleasure whenever she has shown her Orvil Redenbacker like mug on the TV since October 19th. The arrogance of the woman seems to have no bounds. Apart from a few limousine liberals and champagne socialists from around Young and Bloor (plus Robert and Philip) she is probably the most despised premier since…………..well Dalton actually. She is running at around 20% approval rating these days and after she starts loading us up with her “cap and trade” tax grab thievery, will probably hit the low teens in popularity. I am at a place now that whenever she is on the news, spouting her nonsense in her very best school maam voice, giving us another lesson in how we should be living our lives, I can’t help but yell an expletive laden barrage at the radio. I was doing this the other week at a stop light on Highway 10 and forgot that I had the car window open. A lady in the car next to me, who also had her window open, looked like she was going to call the cops on me.

Anyway I digress, enough ranting about Windbag, I need to get the main thrust of this post out-of-the-way.

While we are on the subject of left-wing socialist windbag. Next week, the world’s leaders will gather in Paris to talk about the most devastating problem facing mankind……….No not the fact that the actual city that the mucky-mucks are in is under its biggest security crackdown since the Nazis were marching up and down The Avenue des Champs-Élysées. No they are not discussing the capital city of Europe, Brussels, being on a one week curfew, also for the first time since the second world war. Apparently the most pressing matter of our time is that The Maldives may or may not be under water by the middle of 22nd century, and how we should all beggar ourselves trying to stop this from happening, while China and India industrialize themselves by putting a coal-fired power plant online at a rate of one per week. In the past, it seemed whatever our prime ministers political persuasion was, they either just played lip service to this nonsense (Chretien) or quite rightly ignored it (Harper). The problem this time around is Justin. He will be front and centre at this gab fest if he can pull himself away from taking endless selfies with his adoring fans. God only knows what bag of tricks he will bring back for us. My guess is you better hold on to your wallets, because there will be no end to the picking of your pockets after this is all said and done.

On a different note, I had to laugh the other day when Ontario’s environment minister pontificate about how his government is saving the planet, by closing down its last coal-fired power plant. Well that takes care of the one China opened last week, now what about the next 150 they put on-line between now and the next environmental gabfest? The funniest thing is none of these politicians seem to know the difference between weather and climate. So one more time in a very slow Windbag like voice: “Weather is what you see when you look out of your window, climate is measured in decades and centuries”. If man has actually managed to change the climate, it will take centuries to change it back and we might need the help of a couple of the countries actually responsible for most of the carbon emissions these days. Me? I’d be glad if our winters got a tad warmer and would be more than happy to see the back of those -20C January and February’s. What could be better than a few beers on the patio on Family Day?

This conversation is far from settled, but unfortunately now that Tony Abbott and Steven Harper are gone, the last of the grown ups have left the table so it will take the Chinese, Indians and Brazilians to put a serious dent into this nonsense. I suppose if you are a wingnut like Bernie Saunders, who said “climate change is the root cause of ISIS” this Paris gabfest is quite relevant to the real issues that face mankind in 2015. But in the humble opinion of this loud mouthed, knuckle dragging Neanderthal, the worlds leaders are like a bunch of Nero’s fiddling while Rome is burning.

A Marshal Plan Sunni Style…….

Before I published my last post, I had a feeling I would get some kick back. I was accused of being a warmonger, I was told that I should go fight in Syria with the Kurd’s for a year; then I could come back and be in a position to demand a call to action of our military.

I am so tired of this lefty peacenik answer to anyone that suggests a hard line in dealing with the Islamic terrorists and murderers within the west’s midst and abroad. Let’s clear up a couple of things first. One regret I have, is that I never joined the military in Britain and later in Canada. In my mind, there is no greater service to your country than military service. I know it is easy for a person like me to send others to do my dirty work, unfortunately I am a little long in the tooth for any meaningful fighting myself. So the “go and fight ISIS yourself” argument is a little silly.

Over the past year or so I have given the situation in Syria, Iraq and ISIS a lot of thought and I am of the opinion that the west should not get itself bogged down in a ground war trying to rid the world of ISIS. Any solution needs to involve local Muslim/Arab countries. It would also require a US president that had some vision on the world stage, was not just warming his Oval office seat for another year, and is willing to call these barbarians out for what they are Islamic fundamentalist terrorists (the “nothing to do with Islam” platitudes do not wash anymore).

So the following is my opinion on how Islamic State could be defeated, plus end up with a long lasting peace and stability in the greater area known as the Levant:

Turkey, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, the Kurd’s, Lebanon need to put aside their collective differences and form an Arabian Expeditionary Force. This force would be armed and backed by air power and supporting roles by a western coalition plus Russian military already in the area.

This Arabian coalition sets a goal to take back Iraq and Syria from ISIS by any means necessary on a house by house, street by street, town by town basis, all the way up to Raqqa. After ISIS is wiped off the face of the earth the following happens:

Assad keeps what he is now in control of in Syria and gets none of the previously held land that was part of Syria prior to the Arab Spring. This is agreed upon with Iran and Russia prior to this enterprise starting. A separate Sunni state is formed in the land that ISIS now holds, which would encompass a portion of Syria and Iraq. This area was originally divided up between French and British spheres of influence along the Iraq and Syrian border in the much hated Sykes Picot agreement after the first world war. Democratic elections are held as soon as possible. In this newly formed state, Christians, Yazidis and other minorities are guaranteed the right to exist. A separate Kurdish state is formed on the land that has majority Kurdish populations. A Martial plan similar to that after the second world war is put into action, which is financed by oil money from the area currently controlled by ISIS and rich Persian Gulf states including Saudi Arabia, to rebuild the whole area decimated by years of war. Fundamental Islam/Sharia law has no place in this newly formed state. This is a binding condition agreed upon prior to the west’s involvement.

Western countries then put in place laws in their own countries that outlaw Islamic practices that do not correspond with western values, such as violence against Jews, gays, apostates, infidels, honour killings, female slave trading and the subjugation of woman. Which are put into the criminal code along with existing hate crimes with minimum sentences harsher than those in place now.  In short a specific set of  laws that deal with issues very real within western countries that relate to Islam. At present the divergence between fundamentalist Islam and western cultures seems to be ignored in polite circles, due to the preponderance of political correctness that now permeates throughout western societies including Canada. We quite rightly prosecute those that abuse Muslims, but largely ignore abuses when the situation is reversed.

None of the above is ever likely to happen because the radical Shiite and Sunni Muslims hate each other almost as much as they hate the west. Plus as much as our leaders and the politically correct masses will deny this, depending on which study you read, up to 30% of Muslims actually agree with the fundamentalist facets of their religion and quietly, with a nod and a wink, agree with the goals set out by Islamic State.

Beyond any of my above meanderings, I believe a solution to this part of the Middle East and ISIS must be a Muslim/Arab solution and can never be solved by the west alone. At present there doesn’t seem to be a cohesive plan in place on how to defeat ISIS and what happens when/if they ever get defeated.

“Imagine” If the Barbarians put down their Kalashnikovs

A few people have been asking me these past few days, why I haven’t commented on the slaughter in Paris last Friday. The truth is I am weary of the whole situation. I remember feeling the same way in the late seventies and early eighties when the IRA were bombing the crap out of my original homeland Great Britain. The one major difference back then, was my fellow countryman seemed to have more of a united feeling that we would endure everything the terrorists would throw at our country and would never give in to their bombs and bullets.
In this current war our left leaning leaders, including Obama and Justin, will not even call the barbarians out for what they actually are. Namely Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, who follow a religious doctrine with its roots firmly set in the eighth century. I am so thoroughly tired of the usual pacifist bromides and the endless candle lit vigils, every time these psychopathic killers slaughter innocent people going about their daily business, that do absolutely nothing, except make those who are participating feel a little better about things.

I wonder what was going through the mind of the guy while he was playing his awful piano version of “Imagine”, outside the Bataclan Theater the other evening. I also wonder about all those thousands of people that shared that video on Facebook and Twitter. What immediately comes to mind is that none of these people actually get it. The only thing the head choppers and homicide bombers can “Imagine” is how many infidels they can slaughter before they enter paradise and meet their 72 virgins.
The second thing floating around the interwebs that really pissed me off, the last few days, was someone had reinvented that tired old peace sign from the sixties in the shape of an Eiffel Tower in a circle. You peaceniks can desire and yearn for as much peace as you want, but if an ISIS lunatic decides to walk into your local coffee shop with a Kalashnikov and a homicide belt, I’m not sure singing “Give peace a chance” will do much to stop him.
The slaughter we all witnessed in Paris is merely the tip of the iceberg, because the one common thread I keep seeing after most of these brutal attacks, is when the security services and the media talk to any of the terrorists neighbors, the comment is usually “he seemed like such a nice person, always friendly and quite normal”. Which brings me to our federal government’s insistence to carry on full steam ahead with bringing in 25,000 Syrian refugees before the end of the year. We all know that Justin will break a few of his election promises, why can’t this be his first? The reason is simple he and his government are way too arrogant to admit that this timeline and course of action was wrong in the first place. Especially wrong now that we find out one of the homicide bombers at the Stade de France, was actually a refugee from Syria. I was reading the other day that when Islamic State finally overthrew the Assad regimes forces in Raqqa, they inherited 5,000 freshly minted Syrian passports with no names or photos in them, from one of the captured government offices there. How many of those passports have ended up among the 25,000 refugees that are about to descend on a city near you? The feckless Ralph Goodale even admitted the other day that the system can’t be “100% foolproof”. I say if it can’t be 100% foolproof then don’t bring them to our shores. I also say that one way we can be 100% foolproof is to only allow Yazidis, Kurds and Christians, which is actually what the Cons were doing and were slated for during the election campaign, not very politically correct I admit, but somewhat foolproof.

For once I agree with Vladimir Putin this scourge that has now descended upon our civilization needs to be brutally wiped from the face of this planet, by any means necessary. In the mean time you pacifists and peaceniks can do the heavy lifting by starting Facebook pages demanding peace and singing your tired old John Lennon songs.

The die has already been cast.

Once a politician has been branded in a certain way, that branding can never be changed. Think of Ronald Reagan – A bumbling forgetful dolt. Steven Harper – A mean spirited control freak. Bill Clinton – A womanizing philanderer. Jimmy Carter – A gutless surrender monkey.
I had a huge belly laugh this morning when one of the “grumpy old white guys” from the coffee shop suggested that Justin had done a pretty good job picking his first cabinet. The mental bubble above my pea like brain was of a bunch of serious people from the liberal party, siting around a big conference table discussing who should and shouldn’t get a cabinet post. In the corner sits Justin with his crayons and colouring book completely oblivious to the proceedings around the big table. When the selections are completed with gender, sexual orientation and ethnic balance, I could imagine the following conversation:

Justin: “What about me don’t I get a cabinet post”

Serious liberal guy: “Well you’re the prime minister Justin”.

Justin: “No fair I want a cabinet post as well”

Serious liberal guy: “Um, OK Justin we will make you Minster of Youth and start a chat room on Google where you can connect with future liberal voters”.

Justin: “Yippee, now where’s my mirror”

Last week and most of this week I have not been able to watch a Canadian news program. I put myself into a self-imposed CNN, Fox News and BBC exile. The reason is every time I put on the CBC or CTV news it’s been hard to control my gag reflex. Seeing all the talking heads positively giddy about our newly minted prime minister. Then watching Justin’s overly animated, drama teacher, hopey changy pabulum, now in full view for the whole world to see, has been more than my stomach could handle.

The die is getting cast on Justin a lot quicker than I thought it would be. The die being that Justin is just a pretty boy hipster with very little substance. I saw a fairly good indication of this earlier today when New York Magazine’s style section “The Cut” had a paper doll dress up page featuring Justin in the altogether and various items of clothing that his fans can dress him up in.


A liberal insider was quite upset about this turn of events, stating that people are “objectifying” Justin. I’m not really sure what else they expected when Justin has done a fairly decent job of objectifying himself, with his all women “Justin up close and personal” nights and his ladies only charity events, where after they reached a certain monetary target Justin stripped down to his skivvies.

I heard that a talk show down in the States was having a laugh at our expense saying “What kind of country elects a pot smoking, skate boarding, surfer dude guy named Justin as its prime minister”. Many of us with a more conservative bent have been asking ourselves the same question for close to 3 weeks now.

If this national dalliance with style over substance were not going to cost us all a small fortune, I would actually find this all quite amusing.

Loree Forest brouhaha challenges my libertarian roots.

Those of you that find this blog through the VFAN Facebook site will know that I consider myself a “libertarian” conservative. I’m not sure what libertarianism means to many of you but to me it means various levels of government, in most cases, need to keep out of my way and let me pay and raise my family in my own way without nanny state interference around every corner. The problem is, for this to work we all need to have some thought for the needs of others in society.
I inadvertently stumbled across a situation earlier today that stretches the bounds of my libertarian roots, it pains me to write this blog, but write it I must.
I was out doing a little hiking up in Castle Glen today with my two daughters and ratty little dog. It actually wasn’t a serious hike just a stroll and a catch up with my girls. We got to the lake and sat at a picnic table enjoying the fall sunshine, taking in the lake and quiet ambiance. In the distance we heard a faint sound that was like a cross between a swarm of bees and a gaggle of lawnmowers. This sound got louder and louder until out of the trees came three of those off road motocross motorcycles going at a very high rate of speed. Then as fast as they arrived they disappeared up the trail, that if we had not decided to take a few minutes break we would have been walking up and maybe getting run over by these wayward motorcycles.

I said to my oldest daughter something to the effect of “It’s people like this that ruin things for the rest of us”. Meaning Castle Glen is privately owned land and the place has “No Trespassing” signs pretty much everywhere, but in the fifteen years my family and I have been going up there, no one has ever bothered us or shooed us away. Noisy two and four stroke motorcycles tearing along the paths at vast rates of speed are a completely different story, especially if they hit someone or someone’s dog. This led to my daughter telling me about a situation that has arisen in Loree Forest, another popular hiking locale for my kids and I.

The following link explains the whole brouhaha that was discussed in a public meeting on 5th October:


I actually didn’t believe what my daughter was telling me, which was that the local Hummer Adventure Tours was going up through Loree Forest and tearing the crap out of part of the Bruce Trail that runs along the top of Georgian Peaks ski hill. So we drove up to Loree Forest from Castle Glen and walked along 5th Line until we came to this:


Which is pretty much what the last half kilometre of the main trail through Loree Forest looks like.

Then you get to the Bruce Trail and it looks like this:


The above pictures do not do the actual situation justice, but those diveted trenches are made by the wheels of the Hummer, ATV’s and other 4 wheel drive vehicles, they are up to 3 feet deep and make it impossible to walk along the main trail through Loree Forest and that part of the Bruce Trail.

As I said earlier I am fundamentally a libertarian, but for this philosophy to work, others in society need to not be selfish, have a modicum of common sense and an abject sense of fairness. The Town of Blue Mountain needs to block the entrance to Loree Forest and make it pedestrian access only, this is a no brainer to me.