Boy was VFAN wrong on this one:

The following is a blog post that I wrote on October 5th 2014:

Is Bob Madigan being “groomed” as a replacement for Cunningham on thIs Bob Madigan being “groomed” as a replacement for Cunningham on the voting bloc?

I was forwarded the picture below earlier today. Nothing too outrageous there, a few lawn signs not my choices but what the hell it’s democracy right? VFAN not being the brightest spark even the caption explaining the location didn’t faze me at first: “Rick Lloyd’s front lawn yesterday“. Then it hit me; look who’s sign is in amongst the voting bloc – Bob Madigan.

Summer52 008

I don’t want to be accused of doing anything underhanded. I have been texting Bob back and forth, I am starting to like the chap and was regretting going public so soon on my voting choices last week.

So I texted Bob the following: “Hey Bob, why does Rick Lloyd have one of your signs on his front lawn?”

He replied in lightening quick speed, “Someone else asked me that question also. They asked if I was afraid of being bulked in with the old regime. My answer is simple. I am trying to get onto council for the first time a sign on someone’s front lawn means they support me not that I support them. Your thoughts?”

I did respond in a couple of texts, but being as Bob is now a regular follower of VFAN, I will give my official response in this space as follows:

Bob I actually have developed a liking for you, you seem like a decent, young, hardworking, articulate, dedicated fellow. Exactly the type of person this town needs on council. But I have a few things to say about this situation. You are obviously oblivious to what has been going on in Collingwood these past few years. Rick Lloyd reminds me of that boa constrictor in Jungle Book, smiling and saying nice things while he is gently squeezing the life right out of you. To all those of you that have been paying attention. How long do you think it will take for Rick Lloyd when he wants a vote to go a certain way to say to Bob “remember how I supported you in the election”? Next Bob, you will be invited on the Lloyd, Lloyd, Chadwick, Cooper BBQ circuit. Then you will be justifying it all because you are new to politics and it’s good to engage with other members of council. Here’s the thing Bob in answer to your question – Brian Saunderson would never compromise your possible future position on council by asking to put one of your signs on his front lawn. It’s not just a sign in this town its way more than that. An unpopular US president once said “ You are either with us or with the terrorists”. Now before everyone gets all PC on me, I am not calling the voting bloc terrorists. But what I am saying is; there is no being half in Lloyd’s camp. After he openly supports you in this election and you don’t reciprocate on council, good luck moving forward.
I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you just didn’t think it was that important. But if that is the case you are being extremely naïve politically and not nearly ready for prime time. You should have figured out the above all by yourself.

Out of all the unpleasant posts that I have felt the need to write, this one has been the most difficult. By all accounts Bob is a decent man. But this coming municipal election is one of the most important in our town’s history, we either continue down the same path, or do a reset and change the political landscape. We can not take chances on the candidates that we choose to vote for this time around.

Bob has been an excellent addition to this current council and I hope that he runs for council in some capacity in the upcoming municipal election………..and I was an asshole in the above post.


3 unkown candidates “job interview” off to a rocky start.

Update: After a bit of searching I found Jason Boooths Facebook site.

I have never ran for political office. I have helped on a couple of political campaigns over the years, but I would say that I’m not an expert. This Nobody does know that these days you need an online presence if you wish to get elected into public office especially if you are not well known in town. A website is so easy to do and is virtually free. This blog for instance, cost nothing to set up and I did it myself (yeah I know it shows). If all else fails at least run a Facebook page with a picture of the terminals and your mug on the profile picture.

Earlier today I went online to try and get some info about three candidates that are trying to get my vote in the upcoming Collingwood election and found nothing. George Dickenson, who I know and like, has a Facebook page but nothing about his current run for political office. Stuart Beeston and Jason Booth have no public online presence at all. Even the Mayors son Shawn Cooper only has his own personal Facebook page and nothing about his candidacy or for a seat on council.
Here’s my take:
Running for council is a job interview, and part of that interview process is preparation. Does Shawn Cooper think just because his mom is Mayor that gives him a free pass to be elected for council? Do the other three candidates, mentioned above, think that because they know a few people and have a couple of opinions about our town and its politics that that will get them elected? It might work out for them if no one else declares, but that is not likely.
If you want to know about not campaigning and thinking you just have to show up, ask Rick Crouch and Steve Berman in the last Collingwood municipal election. Rick Crouch decided to go sailing in the last month before the vote. He was a great candidate, knew the municipal act inside out, knew all the local issues and lost by 38 votes to the very unpopular Kevin Lloyd. Steve Berman again a very competent candidate, did not campaign, did not put up a lawn sign and finished 13th behind Chadwick and around 400 votes away from a seat at council. He was even beaten by the relative unknown Jim Gosnell who did campaign, but was unsuccessful. Another example in the opposite direction is Cam Ecclestone who was also unknown, but he had a strong online presence and apparently knocked on 3 or 4,000 doors and finished 3rd with 3,782 votes. Cam is a great guy, by the way, but unfortunately has introduced himself to me for the “first time” half a dozen times.
That’s about it from me for now regarding the upcoming municipal election. If any candidates do want to get their ideas or a campaign platform out into the public realm, I will be happy to make this blog available to them.

Do your damn job

On Friday 1st December, after 160 years, the Enterprise Bulletin closed its doors. I think for most of us with an interest in local politics, the “EB” was the go too news source.

Since the EB has closed the Collingwood Connection, which is part of the larger group, has taken the mantle of political reporting in Collingwood. The person who takes on that responsibility is local reporter John Edwards. I don’t know John, as I have been away from this blog and Collingwood politics for a couple of years. I have been hearing some very unfortunate things of late about John.
Apparently he is quite interested in wrestling. In fact he runs a yearly wrestling event at the Collingwood Curling Club called “Wrestling Night in Collingwood”. In a style of wrestling called “Tag Team Turmoil”. Not really my thing so I had to go on line to check it out. It was held this past May 11th and was apparently a successful evening. Nothing wrong with any of the above, and in fact it supports Collingwood Special Olympics.
Where I do have a problem with John, being that he is our only source of political news in Collingwood these days. Is when he is watching wrestling matches during council and committee meetings. Or working on the above flyer when the upcoming judicial inquiry was being discussed.
That’s what’s being reported back to me by a number of my sources. I am hearing that he is not getting his facts straight on some of the local political storylines. Also if you look at some of the sponsors in the above flyer you will see:
Charis Developments (Steve Assaff), Eden Oaks (Rick Lloyd), Clearview Aviation Business Park ( Paul Bonwick), BLT (paid Paul Bonwick $756k), Collus (Ed Houghton), Town of Collingwood (Sandra Cooper). That is what we call in Texas Holdem a “Royal Flush”.
I have a couple of things to say to you John: Stop pissing around with wrestling and do your damn job. We have some important local political issues coming in the next few months and we need your full undivided attention.


Anyone that has read this blog knows that I am a true blue conservative. Even though that is my politics my opinion on Patrick Brown’s sexual impropriety allegations was immediate and definative: That he should step down immediately and remove himself as leader of OPCP.

I had heard a few months ago, through a blog which I follow by Warren Kinsella. A former John Chretien Liberal strategist, that this allegation was coming down the pipe. By the way that’s where this originated from, not a conservative skewering, as has been suggested.

Most of you have probably seen the offending editorial by now, but I’ll post it anyway:

So the groping allegation was verified at the time, by the reporter herself, the editor of the newspaper and the publisher of the newspaper at the time, Valerie Bourne last week she said that Trudeau was tap dancing around the substance of the allegation.
Compared to the noise and outrage that surrounded Patrick Brown in January, the silence from Liberals and progressives (especially some of my FB friends) is deafening.

Since this story first surfaced it sat for 2 weeks. CBC, CTV, Global News, G and M, Red Star didn’t touch it with a 10ft poll. It was only when some overseas online news sources (Britain’s Daily Mail was the first I think). They could not ignore it any longer.

Can you imagine the field day the press would be having right now if this was Andrew Scheer? Actually you don’t have to, just look back at the treatment Patrick Brown received at the end of January 2018 and you will see exactly what it would be like. In fact it was in Justin’s commentary on that situation, where he opined that “Ah we as Canadian’s em, should have zero tolerance (breathless pause) uh, on sexual impropriety ah, of any kind against women”.

The PM’s office started by saying: “No negative interactions that day”. On a gradual basis this has morphed into Justin making this about being a “teachable moment” for all of us. Sorry Justin I wasn’t even in Creston in August 2000, quaffing beers, groping and manhandling a reporter, so I haven’t anything to learn from this experience.

As was once said about Nixon: “It’s not the crime it’s the cover up”. If Justin would have manned up as soon as this had surfaced and looked in the camera and said “At the time my father was terminally ill, my brother had just died, I was in a bad place emotionally and had too much to drink. I unequivocally apologize for my actions and behavior that day”. Even I would now have shut up about it. Instead this will dog him for his whole political career. He will forever be the Kokenee Groper.

Thanks for spiking my stats, Collingwood hall monitor:

As per my last post, I received a very polite request from a lady from the town, to take down the logo that I was using as my profile picture on this blog. I won’t mention her name because she was just doing her job and doesn’t need to be mobbed by thousands of my readers and the local press core.

The offending logo was this:

I didn’t realize that this was Town of Collingwood property. I just thought it was the towns general coat of arms, similar to places and families in the UK. Like the one below being my families coat of arms:

I obviously have this embossed on all my china, silverware, linens, and on the doors of the limousine. But if someone was to use my family coat of arms, I would think of it more as a compliment rather than an insult.

I actually thought that this:

Was the towns logo and would never have dreamed of “borrowing” it.

In the meantime life is good, (legitimate) views are booming and whoever reported this indiscretion to the town has done this blog a huge favour.

Happy Monday everyone.

Got someone’s attention:


It has been brought to my attention that on your blog (View from a Nobody) you are using the Town Crest as your profile icon, and it appears whenever you respond to a comment.

I’m reaching out today to ask if you would consider changing the icon to a different image. The crest is typically used to represent official Town publications and materials, and it might give the impression that you and/or your blog are products of the Town.

If you wanted to discuss this, please feel free to give me a call. I’m heading into the SIC and then Corporate Services meetings this afternoon, but I will be around tomorrow morning or all day Wednesday.

Thank you,

Hahaha this blog writes itself.

Who am I?

I hold myself up as an upstanding citizen, but tell lies and slander duly elected council members who I dislike. I sneak around in the shadows making up nasty commentary and falsehoods about decent people, but I am too gutless to name the people that I am slandering because I know a defamation lawsuit will follow if I actually put a name to the people I slander.

I slander like it’s common knowledge, but no one seems to know what or who I am talking about in my comment section. People (I haven’t blocked) seem baffled by my lies.

Years ago I stopped being a positive influence in public life and service, and decided to be the water carrier for my political masters. I was mentioned a few times in the OPP investigation and not in a positive way.

I have never met a person that says they like or agree with me. Most people cross the street when they see me walking towards them. Exceptions are a few people that I try to cover for constantly. They probably don’t like me either, but I’m useful to them. My toxic personality follows me home. I once asked a couple of kids selling lemonade that they needed a permit. Everyone that lives around me is either running illegal AirB&B’s, doing construction work without permits or making too much noise after 8pm.

I openly admit that I manipulate, am cunning, treacherous and deceitful.

I have never been interested in dialog with anyone other than the sycophants that pretend to agree with and support me. Any whiff of a negative comment on social media and I will block you.

Some of my many “accomplishments” while I was in office were:

1. More dog parks per capita than any other municipality in Canada and most of them never see a dog.
2. Collingwood twined with a town in Mexico, so that I could pretend to be on council business, but was actually on booze swilling vacations.
3. Recreation tents.(OPP investigation)
4.Collus sale (judicial inquiry)
5. Turning Collingwood town hall, town council and any committee that I served on into a toxic environment.
Just like anywhere 100m from my home, my Facebook page, my Twitter feed, or actually any sidewalk that I walk down.
Any ideas?