What did we get?

N.Simcoe Sports and Rec Centre
North Simcoe Recreation Centre – Midland featuring two ice pads a gynasium and handily located just down the road from the Midland YMCA pool.

Huntsville Summit Centre
Huntsville Summit Centre featuring an Olympic sized hockey arena with seating for 500. Regulation ice pad. Swimming pool and kids pool. Gymnasium and fitness centre.

Alder St Rec Centre
Alder St Recreation Centre, Orangeville. State of the art recreation facility featuring 2 ice pads, Olympic sized smimming pool with generous viewing area, gymnasium, community centre.

Gravenhurst Aquatic Centre
Gravenhurst Aquatic Centre featuring Olympic sized swimming pool, diving pool, kids pool, ice pad, fitness centre.



Two tents and a three year refurbishment of a 65 year old arena for close to $16 million and who knows how much each year to run.



5 thoughts on “What did we get?

  1. What pisses me off is there are a lot of people grumbling about this stuff. You hear it in the pub in coffee shops, at social events and all you get from the mayor is a self-promoting mail out telling us how great they are. I voted for every member of this council except one and every time I drive past the new tent going up at the end of 3rd St it makes me sick to my stomach. I am trying to keep away from the meat and potatoes of this and doing general comment. Forward your stuff to Steve Berman at http://allbeingmaster.blogspot.ca/ I’m sure he would love to do a blog on it. Stay tuned though I have some stuff coming that is pretty funny as well as pointed.

  2. these numbers were taken from performance reviews and financials of towns that detailed their expenses enough to make comparisons…and from the performance review materials posted on town websites….its an absolute embarrassment….these numbers were provided to Cooper, Seymor and Proctor almost two years ago…..nothing changed, no response..they just don’t care

    Collingwood Leisure Services Efficiency Review: Program Comparisons
    Program / Facility Revenues Expenses Profit/Loss %
    Eddie Bush Arena 508 000 772 000 – 264 000 – 52%
    * inc cost, dec revenues past 3 yrs
    Museum 68 095 309 730 -241 635 – 355%
    Fisher Field 15 200 94 000 – 78 800 – 518%
    Outdoor Arena 8 000 131 210 – 123 210 – 1540%
    Fitness Center 40 500 243 190 – 202 690 – 500%
    Central Park 15 600 94 100 – 78 500 – 503%
    Heritage Park 5 800 20 190 – 14 390 – 248%
    Centennial Pool 47 500 142 650 – 109 540 – 230%
    Skateboard Park 0 16 995 – 16 995 ——
    Library 196 479 1 288 639 – 1 092 160 – 555%
    “Other” 40 500 124 915 – 84 415 – 208%

    Performance Measures: Efficiency (from website, Ontario performance measures)
    Indoor Recreation Facilities Parks, Programs and Facility Sub
    Collingwood $ 75.36 per person $ 253.79 per person
    1 arena, etc……

    Grimsby $ 52.60 per person $ 100.46 per person
    2 arenas 3 ice surfaces, indoor multi use facility, etc……

    Eddie Bush expenses of $770 000 on $508 000 of revenues (staff $471 000)
    Alder St. facility exp $ 983 000 on $1 060 100 of revenues
    Single pad OHL facility open year round….expenses $345 000
    Wasaga Beach arena, expenses of $481 000 on $ 470 000 (staff $214 000)

  3. Hey Sportsfan,
    The recreation file in Collingwood is a complete mess and when you crunch the numbers they have a couple of temporary structures and an old arena that is way past its sell by date for the same price as adding two ice surfaces to the Y.
    The town council wants to change the chanel we should not let them.

  4. I know how much they will be to run…I sent the EB Ed a copy of expense comparison between Eddie bush and 10 other arenas …alder st and midland included. The results were shocking with staff of Eddie bush almost same as Alder St which has a pool, meetin rooms, gym, etc…and 40% more than midland which has two ice surfaces! Eddie bush staffing costs are 5 times wasaga arena also open year round and same 5x, for Thornbury and stayner when compared with just the winter season.

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