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blog wars

Last weekend the Collingwood blog-scape was awash with bloggers blogging about blogs. My humble site was mentioned a couple of times, which in turn got the site a lot of traffic and had me scrambling, reviewing my material and second guessing everything I have posted. As we speak I am rolling through 1,800 views in just short of a month. I can’t believe anyone is that interested in anything I have to say. Even my Ian Chadwick style swipe at Ian Chadwick – “Pompous Ass” got 30 views. You have voted with your views, so I will continue.

As a celebration of my one month anniversary, I will offer my own review of the local blog-scape.

View from a nobody. I try to mix the odd joke with some political commentary. I have an English sarcastic wit that I know leaves some people cold. I have very strong views on certain subjects that I will comment on in the future. I love a debate and will always appreciate someone telling me I am talking absolute nonsense. If I offend, I will retract and apologize (simples) . I have a huge chip about never getting a formal education and have to stop myself from keep mentioning it.

The East-End Underground This blog is run by Ian Adams aka Scoop. It’s the longest running blog in Collingwood (maybe Chadwick’s has been going longer). I started following Scoops blog back in the Carrier days. He did not like that town council, to put it mildly. I think he does like this town council and up until a while ago was giving them an easy ride. Since this was pointed out to him, by myself and Berman, he has been more critical, and dare I say more balanced. Scoop and I crossed swords over his lack of support or the EB’s coverage of the PRA dome situation. I somewhat came out a little worse for wear. But it was a learning experience, thanks for the schooling Scoop. I like this blog even though he pisses me off and is a bit of a lefty.

Enough is Enough What can I say about Steve’s blog. I read most of his early posts and it was all pretty mundane stuff. Description of a weekend trip to the cottage in a kind of weird descriptive style. Marriage, gun control, a harsh one about Steve’s version of “Hang-em High” frontier justice. Then BANG beginning of September this town council suddenly pissed on Steve’s cornflakes. He has been like a dog on a bone ever since. I won’t get into the ins and outs of the issues Steve has been dealing with, go to his blog it’s all there. I made the mistake of telling Steve, there are easier ways of campaigning for a council position. He very calmly told me “this is not what it is all about, it’s about right and wrong and he would prefer not to run for town council, but will if nothing changes”. You know what? I believe him.

Chadwick’s Blog and Commentary (Intellectual Brownian Motion) The bracketed part almost says it all, but not quite. The blog that I just linked you to is a swipe at me, the last paragraph anyway. Mr. Chadwick is the smartest guy in the room, he does not suffer fools (me and Berman anyway) gladly. I will challenge any of you mere mortals to make it through one of his blogs without a) Reaching for the Thesaurus or b) Knowing what the hell he is talking about. I used to enjoy his blogs, but he now seems intent on writing long rambling blogs with lots of Shakespearean quotations and other people none of us have ever heard of. He’s a lefty and is very much of the view Republican bad, Democrat good. But that is a story for another day.
MacLeod’s Musings This is Mariane MacLeod morning show host at The Beach 97.7fm. Apparently she was on a stipend to blog for the past few years. But could only write about fluffy subjects and not piss anyone off. I read some of Mariane’s offerings and it was all pretty mundane stuff, dogs, beetle car, movie reviews, boring books, (did any one read this shit) now we know why. Her last couple of blogs have had a bit of an edge to them. Now she doesn’t have the constraints of a monetary puppet master to hold her back. I expect great things from this blog in the future.
Last but not least we have Hamilton Drain Gazette This is an anonymous blog ran by someone who calls himself Fred. T. Hodgson who, by the way, was a famous 19th century architect from the Collingwood area. I have to be honest this one leaves me rather cold. Not sure what they are trying to say or achieve. It seems political, then there’s a blog by someone calling himself Hobo Bob. From what I get from it, it is a rant about rude Toronto people coming into town. Everything on this blog is done from a perspective of bloggers (apparently there are six of them) blogging from the 19th century. I found it hard reading, as did a few other people I talked to. It was filled with in house jokes that meant nothing to the casual observer. This is the only blog that I do not have a quick link on my favorites bar. You judge for yourself.
So now we have BLOG WARS!!! Let the fun begin.


3 thoughts on “Blog about bloggers blogging about blogs.

  1. Yet another honourable mention on Mr.Chadwicks blog I guess in this instance I am the “bear” being poked!!!
    I wanted to comment on his blog again – This time because I actually enjoyed reading it. Many years ago I was in the boy scouts and at one of the yearly jumble sales, I happened across a whole load of those Boys Own books he talks about, treasured them for years. I was also a fanatic reader of the comic book “Beano” (Biffo the bear) I wonder if he remembers The Dandy (Korky the cat). But alas I am not able to log in and comment. Mr. Chadwick and I are more alike than he thinks.

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