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I thought it was time I cleared up who has done what on the Collingwood parody video scene, because there seems to be some confusion as to what I am responsible for.

Firstly I am not The Admiral. The Admiral was a synonym for an anonymous blogger that blogged in the area during the early to midterm of the Carrier administration. He/she was against everything certain members of that council did. I have a pretty good idea who this person was and who he/she was aligned with in Collingwood.

Hitler video 1: Was completed in 2009 as a funny protest against the funding for Pretty River Academy sports dome it was a parody of a scene from the film “Downfall” . Which has been parodied many times on You Tube. This has now been removed from the internet (which we will get to later).

Hitler video 2: This was put together by yours truly and is again that same scene from Downfall, where Hitler is discovering that the 3rd Reich is crumbling as the Soviets are getting closer to Berlin. It was never meant as serious comment on this town council or any other member of this community. It was supposed to be humorous comment on all the conspiracy theories floating around town at this time. Some people found it very funny others found it quite offensive. To this point no one has asked me to remove it from You Tube.

German 2nd world war video 3 “Das Tent”: I believe is from the German language movie “Das Boot”. This was done by The Admiral and linked on this blog and Scoops. There is a scene in it which a German soldier is in bed obviously drunk or hung-over from a previous night’s carousing, with a half-naked lady in the room. The soldier is purported to be “Steve Berman” who ends up getting shot by one of the German officers for blogging and making FOI requests. When I first saw it I chuckled a bit but actually thought it was not up to The Admirals usual sharp wit and after a few viewings actually thought it was in bad taste. I have since heard a rumour that this video is now under investigation by the OPP, as a possible threat to Mr. Berman. This video has now been removed from You Tube. I believe that although in my mind it was a little mean spirited (no one should get killed in a good parody). But OPP investigation??? Come on be serious!!! The cops have enough to do and this will now open the flood gates whenever someone posts anything someone finds objectionable (most things piss someone off).

North Korea propaganda movie: This was also constructed by me and is a sarcastic parody in answer to the half time report that arrived along with our Collus bills. Paid for by the tax payers of Collingwood. Which is self-congratulatory fluff telling us how great the mayor and town council are doing basically “propaganda”. This video was (I hope) produced in the same vein as how I could imagine Rick Mercer commenting on the comings and goings of the political scene in our small berg. There is a comment at the bottom of that video post warning me to be careful as it could be construed as racist and threatening. I am not sure if this is serious or just comment on what I had earlier mentioned about the OPP investigation on The Admiral.

In summary when I post a video it is a permanent thing and has to be done with the utmost care. It is a simple process to copy a film clip from You Tube and add it to your video library on your computer. It’s a tightrope of walking a fine line between being funny and relevant or being libelous or even illegal. I will continue to produce and post video’s. I do not have the intestinal fortitude of Berman to wade through pages and pages of FOI emails and plough through endless corporate fillings and paperwork. But I do seem to be able to put a video or picture gallery together that I hope can be locally relevant and also entertain. You will all be the judge by not viewing what I produce.

As taxpayers and constituents of Collingwood we have had some major decisions thrust upon us and have been told “It’s too late now time to move on.” I for one am not ready to do that just yet, and 2014 is still long way off.


10 thoughts on “Video’s Blogs and Propaganda

  1. Just to be clear, my earlier comment was intended as a joke. I enjoyed the Kim Il Sung video. I dont think anyone should possibly find it offensive. The Admiral probably thought the same way about his video (giant mushrooms and burning of ‘tent’ emails indeed). Unfortunately some people go looking for offense and an opportunity to make a fuss (especially when they suspect their target doesn’t share their political views). Personally I’ve always enjoyed light hearted debate and humorous or satirical contributions (whether or not I agree with them). But we cant make the same assumption about everyone, or so it seems.

    • I thought so Bill but as you said you never know. This is a dangerous game some of us are playing. I agree with you the OPP should never have been involved with the Das Tent video, if that is what in fact has happened.

      • It is in fact what happened. All I can say is, if you watched a video that simulated something horrific happening to you, or your kids, perhaps you would have a different opinion.

      • Wow Steve we actually disagree on something, I will note the date and time!!! As I said it’s a fine line that we tread between being funny and offensive. I would say that video was on the offensive side of that line. But OPP? It would have to be a direct threat for me to go that far. That video wasn’t, it was just bad taste. But we can agree to disagree can’t we?

      • Noooooo!!! Not Man U the laziest football fans in the world it’s so easy to be a Man U fan. A lot harder to be a Tottenham Hotspur fan – which is what I am.

      • If it helps, I also cheer for Portsmouth, and Rangers (Scotland), neither of whom will play a meaningful game while this council is still in office.

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