No it’s not another “not so viral” video (although it could be coming soon). This is an “Average guy on the street” bit of commentary:

I am not as in tune with local town politics as I would like to be. I have attended a couple of council meetings of late but life keeps on getting in the way Monday nights.

Firstly before I get into this blog, I must state that I am in 100% aggreement of a gaming facility coming to Collingwood and in my humble opinion the bigger the better.

So now we have got that out of the way, something has been puzzling me of late and I would like the mechanics of it explained to me.

This council voted 5 – 4 against a gaming facility back at the beginning of November. I remember thinking “What a completely missed opportunity”. A few of my friends and acquaintances grumbled about small town mentality getting in the way of progress. Then we all went back to our day to day business and planning for Christmas.
I was quite amazed a couple of weeks ago, when like Lazarus this issue has risen from the dead and is on the council table again.

How did this happen? (I seriously would like to know actually). Although myself being on the yes side for casinos. The appearance of this to average citizen, is that within town council there is an element that will keep bringing this back to the table until they get the result that they want. I commented a few days ago on Mariane McLean’s blog on this very subject and being a bit flip I called her and Berman a couple of “Nanny Stater’s” and bring on the casino’s. As with most of the stuff I do, I went in with both feet first and ended up with one firmly stuck in my pie hole. Berman replied to my comment and I quote” “Never said I was against a Casino “Nobody”. I just want all of the information, and a proper, transparent process”. After some sober second thought (I do a lot of that). My two blogging colleagues are correct.
A proper transparent process is lacking in a lot of what this current town council does these days. But as the old cliché goes “If at first you don’t succeed try, try, try try and try again”, until you get the result you want. Any one would think someone had something to gain out of all this “trying” – Nah never, that would be a conflict of interest!!!


12 thoughts on “Casino

  1. So instead of blowing 20 bucks at the downtown dollar store for your kids birthday party , the twenty could be thrown away at the slot barn. This does nothing for the economy. Oh sure maybe the birthday party will still happen, after they ask for a cash advance from their employer. Awesome.

    • To me, arguing about whether Collingwood should have a casino (or not) is just a distraction. There is no point in “going there”. I’m interested in whether the muddy politics will get cleaned up. Will the Mayor and Deputy Mayor keep abusing their power? Personally, I would rather wait until the next Council is elected (or this one resigns) to share my input. Until then, our opinions don’t really matter anyways.

      • I wrote this prior to past Fridays events. Obviously the casino decision should be put on hold until this mess gets sorted out. But I have a nasty feeling it will be business as usual this coming Monday. As far as the muddy politics goes it will never happen when only 30% of the population vote in municipal elections. You heard it here first, this will all be forgotten in a couple of months.

  2. “After some sober second thought (I do a lot of that). My two blogging colleagues are correct.”

    If we keep agreeing with each other, what’s the sense of 2-3 blogs 🙂

    • That’s why we need Scoop back. Chadwick is avoiding talking about anything other than stuff his highbrow intellectual buddies are interested in. He is not engaging in any more blog chatter with the likes of us. Don’t worry I’ve got a video coming that takes a couple of pot shots at you, be patient.

  3. I haven’t been following the story very closely. But is this being re-visited partly because our neighbours to the east (Wasaga Beach) have embraced the opportunity? If they build one there then Collingwood will experience the negatives without any of the benefits. It is a variation on the big-box store dilema that has played out in municipalities across N America. Towns that are initially antagonistic towards these developments end up competing for them.
    Personally I’m very much against these slot barns, for reasons similar to those Councillor Chadwick has expressed in his blog. This recent introduction of a ‘resort’ concept doesn’t excite me at all (we already have plenty of those…but without the slots).

    • I support Council in this new endeavour to make Collingwood the Las Vegas of the North. They have Grand Canyon, we have Scenic Caves. They have Elvis, we have…well…the Elvis Festival. Viva Las Collingwood indeed. Just remember, what happens in Collingwood stays in Collingwood!

      • I agree, this is a very exciting prospect. Who can possibly argue against it? As the proposed slot-based resort grows, more and more Collingwoodites will be provided with the opportunity to work for $12 per hour in the thriving hospitality industry. However, certain local services will need to be ramped up if we are to compete with Las Vegas! On a recent Friday night I met a charming young lady in one of the local bars. Stumbling into the night at 2-00am we were unable to find an establishment equiped to provide us with matching buttock tattoos! Should we have decided to get married, I dare say it would have proved to be equally difficult to arrange.
        As another example, a good friend of mine – who I believe to be an expert in such matters – informs me that the prostitution industry in Collingwood is relatively undeveloped compared to Nevada, where they have large establishments with amusing names like ‘The Chicken Ranch”. How about The Craigleith Cathouse, The Huron Hacienda or – for the discerning female clientelle – Blue Mountain Meat?

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