What this town needs………


Well it’s all finally out there, the stuff we have all been whispering about and hinting at in blogs. I know, I know at this time it’s just a news story. I will not get myself into any hot water by saying things about any of it before everything has been fully investigated.
For what it’s worth my opinion is as follows:
I have heard a lot of complaining both publicly and privately from some very dynamic people who do not have any connection to any of the old alliance’s, families or business connections in Collingwood. The stuff that is being investigated and complained about has been going on around here for years. The problem is that no one votes in the municipal elections with the exception of a small but informed group of people in town. So it takes very little for a certain group to mobilize and take the reins of power at town hall.
What we need are some younger, honest, motivated individuals to step up and run for town council next year. We have all seen what happens when we take our eyes off the ball and leave local politicians to their own devices, which is what happened in the first year of this councils mandate.
This town will get a huge black eye this evening when this corruption story hits the CBC news. We will all have to spend the next few years dealing with the decisions that this town council has made, namely a hodgepodge recreation policy or should I say non-policy and other unpopular decisions. So I ask some of you to next year put your hat in the ring and run for town council, mayor, deputy mayor. I for one need some choices when I vote. I will also make a public pledge on this blog that I will promote any candidate that will run on an agenda of honest, fiscally responsible, non-partisan governance, with an eye to promoting this area for all the great things it has to offer. That may not seem like much but in two short months I have built an audience of nearly 200 views per day and increasing as I post.


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