Candid Camera

One of our contributors has kindly forwarded the CFAN newsroom some candid pictures from Collingwood and the surrounding area.


Deputy Mayor Rick Lloyd studies municipal conflict of interest guidelines. “I don’t see anything in here about mushroom farms.”

Cooper pointing

“Never mind about bid tampering have you seen this picture of my brother”


Helena and Chris are the newest members of the Coltrans team. Helena is driving the Crosstown route. Chris is driving the East route evenings and weekends and his bus is new and shiny and green!!! Congratulations on finally getting some gainful employment you two.

Cooper Casino

Mayor Cooper shows off potential site for upcoming casino.


Chadwick and couple of band members get ready for metal punk house concert at Moguls.

Fast Eddie

Ed Houghton shows off his new employment contract with the Town of Collingwood …. er or was it with Collus….. or Powerstream. We will get a confirmation on that and get back to you.


Helena sees her legal bill “HOW MUCH???”

cooper with cheque

Here it is folks the cheque for the cost over runs at Centennial Pool.

cooper ties one on

After a tough couple of weeks Mayor Cooper gets ready to tie one on with a couple of her pals.

cooper house coat

Mayor Cooper in her house coat after tieing one on with her pals

town crier

Town Crier somewhere near Stayner studying map “I’m not working for those bums anymore, I wonder where Barrie is on here…..”

Council digging

Mayor and a few council members are called in by BLT to help try and move along the construction of the new Centennial pool.

sandra lift

“Come on Sandra come down!! The OPP can still get you up there you know?”

\polar bear swim

Because of the construction delays of the new Centennial pool the Collingwood Clippers are now practising in Georgian Bay.

Conrad Black

Conrad Black is brought in to try and help clean up the mess at Town Hall.


Deputy Mayor Lloyd helps Conrad Black.

cooper truck

” Where the hell is that Bermans house I’ll drive this right through his front door”

Good God

Good God!!! Did you ever think you would be longing for the Carrier days


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