“Collingwood Spring” has SPRUNG!!!


On Monday evening, while I was standing beside my janitors trolley, in the council chamber hall way. Everyone was leaving the council chamber, signs in hand, after yet another meeting went in camera. I heard one disgruntled lady saying “She didn’t even acknowledge us, it was business as usual”. Well I’m sorry ma’am but “WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?” Did you think that Mayor Cooper would make some big announcement saying “We have heard you all loud and clear, we have decided to let Berman raise the money for an early election on May 1st”.
It doesn’t work like that. I must do a video spoof on this when I get a chance. The conversation between the mayor, deputy mayor, and a couple of others probably went something like this Monday night:

Mayor: How many were out there? There were lots in the council chamber.

Deputy Mayor: Around 100 nothing like the one in the fall.

Mr Fix it: Next week there will be 50, the week after that 20.

Deputy Mayor: Then the OPP will not find anything in it’s investigation and its back to business as usual.

Mayor: And finishing the great work that we started.

Not trying to put Steve down he has done a fantastic job bringing all this stuff to light but…… I also believe he has over played his hand a bit on this. Take a look at the picture in the EB below:


Does that look like a ground swell of people to you? To me it looks like a small minority. I know, I know I will piss people off including Steve for saying that but it needs to be said. 500 people blocking Hurontario St, with cops and cameras and chanting. Now that is a Collingwood Spring but this is not even close. And that is exactly what the mayor and co will think. If only 50 of you turn up next week, they will believe even more that this is a small disgruntled group on a witchhunt.

When you fill out your voting slip next year, remember the smug look on the mayors face as she was explaining the technicalities of what is and isn’t a COI to the CBC reporter, on a news program that is being watched all over the area. Never mind what it says in the book. On an ethical basis having the town doing business with your brother without declaring a conflict is completely unacceptable and morally wrong.

I could be wrong but in a few week’s time a majority of you will all be thinking about summer activities, golfing, biking, boating and this will be a distant memory. But what needs to be done is a coordinated effort in next years municipal election to throw a majority of these bums out and get some fresh blood in there. I have taken some pretty good shots at these guys, but I don’t think they are bad people. I just think the town has out grown this kind of small town nepotistic, cronyism.

So never mind about the ‘Collingwood Spring’ think about 2014.


7 thoughts on ““Collingwood Spring” has SPRUNG!!!

  1. Well that’s fine and I posted a link to that EB article you link. But without the accusations there wouldn’t even be any conversation let alone solutions. If you think that we should all just let the mayor and certain members of council continue to abuse public positions for the benefit of themselves and there families that’s entirely up to you.

    • Sean I know that this council sorted out your patio issue. and the deputy mayor is almost a neighbor of yours. I know you to be a decent person. But I have seen some of the documentation of the shenanigans that has been going on by these clowns. Wait and see what comes out before you get too supportive.

      • BREAKING NEWS: Collingwood to put membrane structures over patios, for 4 season enjoyment.

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