This and that on a Tuesday!!!

town hall

I finally got a chance to listen to Georgian Bay 2day with Mariane McLeod at 97.7 The Beach this morning with the weekly interview with Ian Adams (Scoop). I am never normally near a radio at that time (maybe you could rebroadcast in the evening Mariane???). I hate to keep picking on old Scoop but he makes it so easy. So I was listening intently when I sprayed my Timmy’s breakfast blend all over the inside of my car’s windshield. What caused this personal ‘Old Faithful’ was when Scoop said that last Fridays EB editorial ‘Solutions needed, not accusations’ (which I linked by the way). Would have been exactly the same if this situation had occurred during the Carrier administration. Great question Mariane, I could tell by your reaction that you we were both on the same page with his response. So any way the interview ended and ‘Nobody’s’ brain went into overload as I was trying to thing what that headline would have looked like so here goes:

Carrier needs to step aside while under cloud.

After allegations all councils decisions should now be under review.

or how about:

Mayor and council bring shame to Collingwood.

I could keep going, but my point is that it would not have been the old ‘Solutions needed’ gumpf. I have since taken that link down because of that question this morning. I won’t get into this anymore I have made my position on Scoop very clear in the past, but just think about it.
I actually made it to a council meeting last night sat through another lecture from the mayor basically telling us again what a great job she has done and that everyone is being really mean saying that there has been any impropriety. Then there was a statement from a lady (I apologize I do not remember her name) about casino’s. For me it went on about twice as long as it needed to. I am not really sure what the point of these types of things are, if you are for casino’s that lady’s monologue is never going to change your mind. And everyone else who is against (most of the audience knows all your arguments anyway. Then there was the vote that I had actually attended the meeting to see. Keith Hull put a motion forward that all future council votes would be recorded. My interest in this is that as it stands now unless a councilor asks for a vote to be recorded you cannot go back through council meeting minutes and see who voted for what. Which I think is a pretty handy tool to use at election time when you want to make them pay for their decisions. This was obviously defeated Hull, Gardhouse, West for Lloyd, Lloyd, Chadwick, Cunningham against. (why doesn’t that surprise me). Then Gardhouse brought a motion forward for an integrity commissioner to be employed by the town which gets voted on next session. Then they went in camera. Came back out for 5 minutes. Then went in camera again and that was it. That was a Nobody review of a council meeting hope you enjoyed it.
One last thing if you are going to organize a protest at town hall actually mobilize some people to attend it. After last week’s 130 people, last night’s 20 odd people does not get your point across it makes the people that you are protesting to think that you are just a small vocal minority.


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