Centennial Pool Progressing at Break Neck Speed!!!

Our intrepid news hounds here at VFAN have done a series of photographs to show how the Centennial Pool project is progressing on time and on budget at break neck speed. The Clippers will be swimming lengths in January February March no time at all.

This picture taken on February 1st shows the main structure is up and fabric membrane is installed.

February 14th In this picture you can see at the very far end of the building someone has moved a bucket.

February 28th This picture clearly shows that a tarp has been installed at the front of the main structure.

March 14th Look carefully I think one of those machines is actually running you can see the exhaust coming out of the tail pipe.

March 28th This image shows that a wheelbarrow has been moved.

April 14th In this image a piece of wood has been moved inside the building.

April 28th Just outside the view of this picture another self aggrandizing sign has been put on the fence by Collingwood Town Council.


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