Geniuses didn’t think about access to Central Park “tent”!!!

more road work

Lots of interest in this post a local newspaper man emailed me the following:
I did not suggest the cost for the entrance/access to Central Park would be $100,000. The town’s manager of engineering services, Brian MacDonald, made that statement to council during budget deliberations two weeks ago, and it was in a story in the paper last week.
He also stated the cost to turn that ball diamond around so that players wouldn’t be driving homeruns into the driveway would be $800,000. Council is not doing that, and is instead installing netting along the outfield to prevent balls from going out of the park and across Lorne (I understand some of the guys will do ‘batting practice’ on the edge of the infield and see how far they can drive it – balls are ending up in people’s yards across the street).

My answer to this is lets keep a close eye on the final cost of this work and I will come down to the Huron club and buy the aforementioned newspaper man a beer if the price to do this work is $100k. What I would also say is this should have been part of a complete package.

This story has been floating around for a while (Canary Phil mentioned it the other day somewhere). I decided to ask around to get the inside track on this latest council boondoggle. Our Deputy Mayor is trying to sneak the following motion through the next town council meeting this coming Monday hoping that no one will notice:

THAT Council direct staff to prepare the necessary site plan changes for the new arena at Central Park, to provide the entrance (access) be from Patterson Street. (Deputy Mayor Lloyd)

What this is all about folks is another $800,000 that is going to be spent on the “turnkey” purchase of the hockey tent in Central Park.

Let me explain myself. In councils rush to get the tents approved without any nasty public interference, it seems they didn’t think about how anyone was going to get access to, or park at the hockey tent. I guess the original plan was to access it down the dirt track dead end street Lorne Ave. But it seems that some well healed locals live on that street and might have kicked up a bit of a stink at all the extra traffic. This council doesn’t need any more ‘stink’!!! It already smells like Billingsgate Fish Market on a ripe August Friday around council chambers these days. So they need to build a new road.

An analogy of this would be a couple of young guys sharing their first apartment, spend the afternoon taking hits from the bong, then decide to head down to the Brick to buy a new couch. They load it on their truck, get it home, only to find out its too big to make it around the corner in the stairs.


In keeping with my promise not to mention him in my blogs, a local newspaper man apparently suggested that the cost would be around $100k. If you have seen the new arena tent think about how far that is from Patterson and they now need to build a brand new road to it. I am not in the road building business but I can assure you that is more than $100k. On and on it goes.

So where is the cost of these tents at now???


4 thoughts on “Geniuses didn’t think about access to Central Park “tent”!!!

  1. The town did think about this when the Central Park Steering Committee was at work. The town instructed them that Lorne Street (and possibly Patterson) could not be used as an entrance due to increased traffic on a quiet street. Hume Street was the preferred entrance. In this rushed plan where all of the details were clearly not considered before a multi-million dollar contract was signed, it was just hoped that no one would gripe about the entrance. Didn’t work out that way and once again the price goes up.

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