We over paid for the ‘tents’!!! Here’s why…………………


A week or so ago I posted the same picture 7 times pretending it was time lapsed photography documenting the progress of the Centennial Pool and suggesting that the project was not actually “progressing at break neck speed”. A few days ago I finished my recycling bin route early and decided to go and sit outside the pool project and watch what was going on.
Before I get into what I witnessed, I should give you a little background on how for most of my working career I made my living. A few years ago I ran a medium sized company that was involved in a certain aspect of the construction industry. At various times I had anywhere from 20 to 35 employees. So I do have a little more insight in construction than your average Joe Blow.
Anyway what I witnessed at the pool project was a complete lack of any urgency in anything that anyone on site was doing.
I can hear you saying “What does that prove Nobody?” Hang on be patient I’m getting to it.

Construction is a very competitive business, I remember many times when I was informed that my company was low bid on a project, the first thing I would ask myself is “What did I miss”. Project quotations need to be extremely tight to be successful in the bidding process. The materials provided have minimum mark ups and your work force needs to be very productive ……….. unless of course you didn’t have to provide a competitive bid in the first place.
If you don’t believe me go sit and watch either of the tent projects for a few minutes yourself.


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