Keith Hull Pile On!!!

Bundle 2

When I was a lad we used to play a game on the school playing fields called ‘Bundle’ . I think you call it ‘Pile On’ here. What happens is the group picks on one unfortunate fellow, chases him across the playing field, when they catch him around 10 of his chums would pile on top of him. Terrific if you are on top of the pile, not much fun if you happen to be the poor chap at the bottom. Last night’s council meeting reminded me of that game with Keith Hull being the poor shmuck at the bottom of the pile.
I note that the mayor now has a certain voice that she uses on Keith. It reminds me of the way a school ma’am talks to the naughtiest boy in the class. It’s a mixture of exasperation and contempt. Not very mayor like Sandra you are supposed to be above these things.
I wonder if we will ever see a vote again that is not 8 – 1 or 7 – 2. Surely the magnificent seven cannot always be this agreeable with each other. Occasionally there must be something that Keith Hull says that at least one or two of them can agree with, but alas not.
I hate to say it but think this town council, even without the OPP investigations, conflict of interest allegations and bid tampering suggestions, are now more dysfunctional and downright more incompetent than Chris Carrier’s administration. At least Carriers crew didn’t continuously vote en-masse and the votes changed a little bit occasionally.
It seems someone has been listening to old Nobody. Joe Gardhouse made a motion to get BLT on the carpet ‘to discuss progress of the rec projects’. A representative will be in front of council next week or the week after. That will be ‘must see viewing’!!!
Back to Keith Hull. As a general rule he is the only member of town council these days, that puts forward any kind of salient discussion on issues. I lost count last night how many times I heard “I must concur with the other members”. I get the feeling he is getting very frustrated with the whole process. He deserves your support please send him an encouraging email or message.
I won’t get into the ins and outs of the meeting, as I plan to deal with at least one item in another post.


One thought on “Keith Hull Pile On!!!

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it was Dale not Joe, that asked for the project update. They need 2 weeks to make it up, I mean get it ready, to present to council.

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