Subdivision Smack Down!!!

I arrived at Mondays council meeting just in time to catch the Pretty River Estates rezoning discussion. What this is all about is the developer wants to rezone some of the lots for town homes and I guess during a public meeting some residents of the subdivision stated that they do not want this type of housing in the subdivision because that was not what was on the original site plan. I usually switch off during any of the subdivision zoning items, I like the meat and potatoes rec facility, grain terminals, mushroom farms. But as the discussion and deputations went on I got more and more engrossed in it. Each councilor gave their boiler plate answer “ Can’t support this I support the residents”. Then it was Keith Hulls turn to speak. He said something to the effect of “ In this challenging real estate market and with this subdivision struggling for sales, the developer should be given an opportunity to rezone part of the site plan in order to move things along. The residents are better off if this generates sales and gets houses built rather than as is with 70% of the subdivision undeveloped”. He also stated “Being as the provincial government has legislated higer density in residential developments a negative vote would probably get appealed and rescinded at OMB”. As usual Keith Hull was the grown up in the room. That vote went 8 – 1 against zoning change. The mayor also reminded Keith that we do not make decisions based on whether they will be appealed at the OMB.
This really got me thinking today. I drove past and stopped at that subdivision this evening. It’s the one on the North side of Poplar just east of 124. It looks like one of those post nuclear landscapes with a smattering of houses here and there. I had to laugh when I thought about Mr. Chadwick’s comment “ I can’t support this because there is no allowance for green space”. If he went and looked at the project there’s lots of green space and will be for many years to come.

You want green space Chadwick there’s loads of it!!!

Are you a home owner? If you are you should rue every one of these subdivisions in the outer reaches of town that have been approved by this town council and the previous administrations. These things sit undeveloped with lots of product available and continue to stunt the growth in price of your home. Unfortunately town councils, this one and most others, are addicted to the revenue the development charges generate and they seem to never give any thought to whether the local market can accommodate the extra housing stock. In the meantime we have to look at these blighted barely started subdivisions for years while they all fight over ever decreasing buyers. I suggest that Pretty River Estates and the other one on the west side of 124 should never have been approved in the first place and should still be farmer’s fields.

Hiroshima Heights!!!


7 thoughts on “Subdivision Smack Down!!!

  1. The objecting residents have a strong case. I’m in favour of intensification and more affordable housing, but the developers should have applied on this basis in the first place. They would have been approved for sure. But at the time (pre crash of 2008?) the big money was in larger, more expensive housing. Times have changed, but it would be very unfair to those who made purchases based on existing site plans if the nature of the development were to be changed now.
    Sorry, but Hull isn’t necessarily right all of the time.

    • From what I saw anonymous the town houses would have been along the PSR. I would prefer to see town houses than what we will be seeing for years to come. I never agreed with this subdivision or the other one on the west side of PSR, they have over saturated the local real estate market. I agree with Keith Hull. For the record I disagree with him on the casino.

  2. You can’t stop progress. And why would you ever consider the OMB appeal process when voting. Sounds completely foolish to me.

      • Ah now I see. I was wondering why a good socialist like yourself was coming down on the side of development. Tone is very difficult to detect on a written comment.

      • Fair enough. I’ll try and be more clear. Besides, I’m not against development per se. I’m all for development that is sustainable and inclusive. There’s some socialist boilerplate for you!

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