Subdivision Hypocrisy!!!


Now I’m on a roll with the subdivision subject!!! Something about that whole debate Monday night didn’t sit right with me. So I decided to go back through the minutes of previous town council meetings and made a few inquiries. Bingo it hit me – 3 members of council, councilors Edwards, Chadwick and Lloyd believed Pretty River Estates sub-division developer should not go beyond the already approved plan and density. Fair enough if that’s how they feel. But in 2011 these same 3 councilors supported the development proposal of the Admiral Collingwood building when that developer sought to go beyond the negotiated 2007-2008 OMB decision that allowed the project to go above the community endorsed and council approved Heritage Conservation District maximum height and further allowed him to increase the density. I am consistent on agreeing with that vote and disagreeing with the vote on Pretty River Estates. These councilors were not and are not consistent. I will go further, I say they are hypocrites.

Are the neighbor’s both residential and commercial around Hume and Hurontario, an already established part of our community any less deserving the same consideration as those in the Pretty River Estate’s subdivision? Or is it because the PRE developer is not part of the ‘in crowd’ that gets special treatment and kid gloves by this mayor and town council? At the same time they got to pile on to Keith Hull and continue with the theme ‘Anything Keith Hull agrees with we must disagree?’
While we are on the Admiral Collingwood building subject. Let’s roll the clock back to the 2008 municipal election. That election was won by then mayor Chris Carrier. Many of us forget that he was running against ‘Tricky Dicky’. VOTE got involved with that election and snatched certain victory from Mr. Lloyd and gave Mr. Carrier his mandate. Unfortunately to get that victory and the mayors chair, he had to do a deal with the devil and rescind the previous councils site plan on that project. I was a very vocal against that decision and Chris Carrier. But can you imagine, knowing what you know now, what life would have been like if Tricky Dicky Lloyd was mayor?



By the way I don’t agree with the latest proposal that’s on the table to make that corner of Hume and Hurontario a 2 story commercial only building now. That should stay as condos/commercial for the long term good of our town. I have always felt that a residential multi unit development will be a hub for that part of town. If Mr. Assaff cannot make it work then get out of the way and sell the property to someone with deeper pockets who can build it, then sell the finished built units. If you build it they will come. It’s not all about whether this particular developer can financially make the project work or not and turn a profit in his time frame. That should be your next fight ladies and gentleman.

Steve Assaff

I will make a Berman like prediction. Mr. Assaff will get his commercial only zoning/ site plan ammendment for the latest version of that project and he will win the vote 7 – 2.


5 thoughts on “Subdivision Hypocrisy!!!

  1. To say that the 6 story mixed residential/commercial building doesn’t make sense post with post 2008 economic conditions is to say let’s give up and build something less appropriate. It’s saying that the economy will never recover so just build something. Urban planning principles these days dictate higher density residential in the core and less sprawl. This building would not only achieve that, but it would perfectly suit our aging demographic who want to be close to everything they need even without a vehicle. People in that demographic aren’t lining up for huge family houses with all the lawn care, snow removal and maintenance. So if there is someone willing to build this – more power to them.

  2. I do not agree the whole point of that development was to get an anchor/ hub in that part of town. The original 6 story residential building with commercial at the street level was a perfect fit. Leave the hole in the ground until it can be developed properly. You are also splitting hairs with the changing the site plan after only three floors comment its exactly the same thing. My point is there is hypocrisy in the different votes. I am very sure that someone with deeper pockets would take this project on if Assaff cant.

    • “I am very sure that someone with deeper pockets would take this project on if Assaff cant.”

      Can you explain what you mean? If the six-story residential model is no longer profitable in the modern economic environment (post 2008) then why would others be lining up to lose money, even if they do have ‘deeper pockets’? I dont get it.

      Also, about the point I was making earlier. I doubt there are going to be too many complaints from existing residents if the Admiral plan is changed, because there are NO existing residents. Now, I suppose someone who recently purchased a home nearby on Hume might complain because they always wanted to live next to the originally-planned six story building. And their dreams have been crushed. That would be closer to the subdivision scenario I suppose. But if that actually happens I’ll eat my hat!

      Using the term ‘hypocrisy’ is quite strong when a council votes two different ways on two different issues.

      • Ok lets go over this slowly. The current developer requires a certain amount of presales to get the required financing to get construction started on this project. I believe that if a developer came in built the project, it would be such an iconic building that the sales will come. That option should be explored before this gets turned over to more unneeded commercial space.
        Again I am not sure if you are being purposely obtuse. Both projects requested zoning change because of market conditions one got it one didn’t.

  3. Not really the same thing. The same thing would be if the developer had already built the lower three floors and then wanted to do something completely different with the upper three floors. I doubt the old VOTE crowd will object anyway (and I doubt Hull will vote against changing the plan to two story commercial). They never did want a tall building there did they? One way or another there isn’t going to be. And you cant really force a developer to proceed with the original plan if he cant afford to do so (refusing to change site plan would probably just result in continued lack of development on the site). You could argue the same about the subdivision I suppose, but it isn’t right in the heart of downtown.

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