Coopers Folly???

This will be my last mention of the rec facilities until something important happens. I believe Steve Berman has a good handle on this ever changing nightmare and I don’t think I can add anything else of value to the situation. Besides I have other fish I want to fry!!! BLT did a presentation tonight in front of council. Basically pool is delayed 2 months (No Clippers swim meet) and arena 4 months. I have never seen so many people pat themselves on the back so much for so little achievement.
Update this blog had nothing to do with Foley s Furniture. Not sure why my spell check didn’t pick that up.

Coopers foley
Carriers Pond or Coopers Folly?

I have a nasty feeling that the long drawn out saga that has been the Admiral Collingwood Building will get very quietly rezoned for two story commercial and everyone will disappear into the sunset. NOT HAPPENING!!!

OK here are a few things to think about :
1. Current market conditions may not support an iconic 6 story 170 unit condominium project in the central Collingwood in 2013. But what about in 2 years 4 years 6 years???
2. Once that piece of land is developed its done, you cannot take it back, the opportunity will be lost.
3. What about urban planning? Is there any at present in Collingwood? If a condo project was slated for the corner of Hume and Hurontario does that suddenly change at a developers whim?
4. I believe that if this site is not to be developed as condos and commercial, then the hole should be filled in, grass planted and ugly faded fences removed at the developers expense.
Clean this mess
Clean up this mess or sell the property to someone who can!!!

5. If any of you decided to build a house, then stopped after you dug the hole, how long would it take the towns bylaw officers to come knocking on your door?
6. This project should be started before any new residential developments are approved in Collingwood the town needs higher density not more partially developed farmer’s field’s
7. This is a chance for this council to make the right decision for a change.

I am gathering more information on this situation so watch this space

Make it happen
Remember this? Crowd told town council make it happen. They still haven’t.


7 thoughts on “Coopers Folly???

  1. First of all, what has Sonny Foley got to do with it? Secondly, I still dont get it. If it isn’t profitable for the current developer to build the six storey condo development then how does it suddenly become miraculously profitable for someone else? Under what law would you force the developer to put down grass (or are you appealing to goodwill?). And finally, how is any of this the fault of council? Please explain!

    • Anonymous. Foley was a typo (sorry Sonny). Arithmetic and time make it profitable. The developer has not said its not profitable he says he does not have the presales.
      That would be a bylaw. You ever tried to not cut your grass or leave crap on your front lawn? Same applies here. This only becomes councils fault if they allow Assaff to change his permit to commercial only.

  2. My in friends from Toronto said they would buy a suite the day before it was shut down. CWood needs a place like this. My friends were too young for the Chartwell Retirement residence, did not like the driving required to get in and out of the Light house point condo. Did not want a town house. Wanted something relatively new that they could walk to the down town shops and would not want to drive. They wanted the security and simple life which a condo project provides. I would think the downtown core would welcome a lot more shoppers who could walk to their stores vs. 2 more levels of competing business alone.

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