Admiral Collingwood Place – Boardwalk!!!


I know that I am picking on Charis Developments these days. But when you start looking around the Collingwood downtown core they are a major factor in our towns commercial real estate sector, developed and undeveloped.
I have posted a couple of blogs regarding the Admiral Collingwood Place Building at the corner of Hume and Hurontario. I think everyone knows my opinion. But I will state it again: This site deserves more than just a 2 story commercial development.

After all the town splitting acrimony and arguments this project has caused the least the developer could do is stick to his original plan and make this project a mixed residential iconic building. But alas I have been told by many people, that we as town residents and tax payers will eventually have no choice in the matter, if that is what the developer decides to do.
Take a look at this search I did on the Enterprise Bulletin web site for Admiral Collingwood Place:

It returns more than 450 results. So much time, effort and local infighting this development has caused. Below is a timeline line on how this project played itself out. You be the judge on whether we should end up with another 2 story commercial centre.

Spring/Summer 2005 Charis Developments acquires Admiral Collingwood school site.
September 2005 – Admiral Collingwood School Demolished.
Summer 2006 – Geddes Council approves six story mixed residential building. (No securities posted).
October 2006- Local ratepayers groups files Notice of Appeal to OMB (hearing to be held March 2007)
January 2007-Carrier Council repeals the Site Plan Agreement condition regarding the Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA)
January 2007 – Local ratepayers group withdraws appeal.
January 2007- Development group files an appeal to the OMB (hearing to be held July 2007).
February 2007- Development group agrees to meet with senior staff to negotiate a mediated settlement.
July 2007- OMB mediated settlement of 5 and 4 story’s accepted.
Spring-Summer 2008 – Agreements are signed and securities posted.
Summer 2008 – Construction contracts are awarded and construction starts, blasting is done, hole is dug.
November 2008 – Construction is stopped.
November – 2009 – A joker posts a picture of the site online calling it “Carriers Pond”!!!
October 2011 – Cooper council takes on the role of the applicant and unanimously approves heritage bylaw amendments and zoning bylaw and official plan amendments. Approves 6 storys. Basically bends over backwards to get this development started.
April 2013 – Charis Developments announces it will now build a 2 story commercial development.
Summer 2015 – Picture below (I‘ve borrowed Berman’s crystal ball).


So after all the, arguments, OMB hearings, name calling, council meetings, public meetings, elections fought over, newspaper articles, zoning agreements, VOTE, and on and on it went. This developer has the gall to turn around and say “Actually it’s only going to be two story commercial only now”. So if you are as disgusted about this turn of events as I am, send them an email to .

This is all such a shame!!!


4 thoughts on “Admiral Collingwood Place – Boardwalk!!!

  1. Actually, many of the original ratepayer group members will be quite pleased with the low rise commercial development. They hated the 6-floor residential model. The only reason they aren’t stepping in to argue with you is that they also enjoy watching the current council get a thorough – but in this case undeserved – bashing.

    • By making that comment Bill, it seems you completely missed my point. If you are for or against ACP this developer could have done two or three story’s 6 year’s ago and saved our town the acrimony. This proves he doesn’t give a crap about anything other than lining his pockets. I haven’t started bashing the town yet, but I will as soon as they give him his new site plan approval.

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