Water front site could change whole feel of downtown.


I happened to be down on Heritage Way a week or so ago, taking Steve Berman’s interview pictures. While I was chatting to Steve I started to take a really long look at the water front site directly behind and next to the Mountainview hotel site. I had never paid much attention to it before as this view point is not a place I would normally stop and look back at the town.
Have any of you ever thought about the fact that for a town on the shore of a rather large lake with a harbour, there is no place to go and sit and have a nice meal and a couple of drinks on a patio next to the water? I get it every time someone comes to visit me from other places “can we go and have something to eat on the water”. I have traveled to many places around the world and Collingwood is probably the only waterfront town I have come across that this situation exists.
The above undeveloped piece of property could change all of that. I have mentioned previously that Charis Developments owns part of that property (so there’s no chance that will be developed any time soon). I believe Fram owns the rest all the way to Heritage Way and along the water front.
Here is what I envision for this property:
Mixed use commercial residential development. The residential portion consists of trendy lofts and apartments catering more to young professionals rather than retirees. The type of crowd that are more likely to go to the Casbah rather than the Huron House on a Friday evening. On the water front you have a couple of nice restaurants. A coffee shop. An ice cream parlor. Duncan’s can move from its present location to this site for a more casual breakfast/lunch evening dining experience (no problem with patios here Sean). This area would be in a central portion of the development on the water front, with a town square type of space where there is street entertainment on weekends and holidays.
Where Charis Developments site (old Mountainview Hotel) is there would be an air conditioned mall with up market shops that leads through to the above town square.


Patios 2

That is what I see. If any of you have ever been to Vancouver I am thinking of what they have done with Granville Island/False Creek But if you look at the official town plan map below nothing like this is being thought of at present.

Water front map


7 thoughts on “Water front site could change whole feel of downtown.

  1. The idea is a good one, I used to say “we live on the shores of Georgian Bay” now I have to say “we live in Collingwood, sorry we can’t sit down at the water and have a drink or lunch” People who buy property and sit on them should be charged a penalty for not developing commercial property. Mr. Nobody, I share your vision, your dream and the reality that it will probably never happen.

  2. Yes , I can only imagine what the rent would be down there. Not to mention the cost of setting up. Food and drink prices would have to be on par with intrawest or more.
    I could only dream of owning a restaurant down there.

  3. Mixed-use commercial-residential development is exactly what’s intended for the site – certainly for the area between the launch basin and the drydock. The plan has always been to put commercial uses in that area, with a restaurant at the point. The issue is the land sits in private hands, and has been in private hands for about 130 years, and you can’t make someone develop if they’re not willing, or don’t have the financial means.

  4. You are absolutely right Nobody…!!!

    Just look at the communities around us…Barrie, Midland, Orillia, Thornbury, Meaford, Owen Sound…need I go on…??? They have all done things like you have proposed…and we here in Collingwood can’t seem to get it right (hmmm…just like the recreation complex fiasco…do I sense a pattern developing here….)
    And why is that…??? Too much property, power, etc.in too few hands…no incentive to do anything except to sit on it and maybe sell it for a profit at some point…

    I’ve said it before:

    and I’m saying it again….

    Let’s get our act together…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

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