Water Front Site Part 2


Holy Crap!!! My last post peeked everyone’s interest.

If you look in the comment section of that post Scoop commented as follows:

Mixed-use commercial-residential development is exactly what’s intended for the site – certainly for the area between the launch basin and the drydock. The plan has always been to put commercial uses in that area, with a restaurant at the point. The issue is the land sits in private hands, and has been in private hands for about 130 years, and you can’t make someone develop if they’re not willing, or don’t have the financial means.

I started to respond but it would have been a long response so I have decided to respond in another post (as I sometimes do).

I believe this comment sums up in one paragraph where we have gone wrong in developing this town, namely there is no directional or developmental long term plan in place on how the central portion of the town is going to be developed. It all seems so hodge-podge in the way things get done. Take a look at Granville Island:
See what I am talking about? This site was very similar to what we have in our town, being that it is water front, around the same size and was a heavy industrialized piece of land that is situated in the middle of downtown. Now it is a must see location for anyone that visits Vancouver. Imagine this type of concept with some trendy warehouse loft type residential thrown into the mix.
To be honest I don’t really care if land is held in private hands, especially a prime piece of real estate like this. A proactive town council puts a site plan in place, if the current owners can’t or won’t develop it in the prescribed way then they must move aside and let someone else develop it who can.

Its funny I am a complete capitalist until it comes to local politics. Then I become a bit of a socialist. SCARY!!!

Granville Map

Map of Granville Island.


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