Press is Biased (what a surprise!!!)


I have a few friends that are liberal, a couple that are very left wing. Most are apolitical and look at me with a weird kind of gaze, when I get on my soap box about various political subjects that at one time or another get me riled up. None are conservative like me. In fact Chris Carrier is the only real conservative (that will admit to it anyway) I have met since I moved to Collingwood. Now before you all start screaming about me wanting to string up gays, put woman back in the kitchen where they belong or only allow people from the whiter British colonies to migrate into Canada. I am a fiscal conservative not a racist, bigot, homophobe, tea bagger!!!
I come by it honestly on my father’s side, Protestant Scottish Conservatives for many generations I have always voted the conservative ticket. The first time I voted was for Margaret Thatcher in 1979. The only time I did not vote conservative was after Brian Mulroney ran the country for 8 years and left Kim Campbell to walk the plank for him. In that particular election I abstained from voting, the only time that I have ever done so.
I must confess I am somewhat perplexed at the provincial political scene right now. This is a classic example of a government that has been around too long. They have squandered billions of dollars on scandal after scandal. We have the highest electricity rates in North America because of ill planned badly thought out green energy programs. They cling to power like..…..well like Liberals.
Today my talk radio stations am 640 and 1010 Newstalk were abuzz with the latest affront to the voters of Ontario vis-a-vis the McG-Wynne-ty Liberals deleting all emails in relation to anything to do with the canceled gas power plants. This is actually quite a big scandal, if this was done on a local level Steve Berman would be SOL when he did his FOI requests. We complain about our local government but they have not been so bold as to delete paper and email trails.
So I sat down earlier to have a read about this in the online newspapers. National Post lead story Shiny Pony making his Liberal MP’s publish their expenses, more Rob Ford nonsense, Senate expense story, nothing about this scandal. Then the Globe and Mail, lead story Shiny Pony again, Doug Ford nonsense, Steven Harper under attack, again nothing about the McG-Wynne-ty liberals anywhere to be seen. Then the Red Star – Shiny Pony lead story, A couple of Rob Ford bits (big surprise). Mike Duffy in the trough. Then right at the bottom, around 7 bits down, the email deleting story.
Do you see a pattern above? Can you imagine the uproar if the Harper Cons had deleted a bunch of emails regarding the G8 spending binge? it would have been front and center and it would have been relentless. The same as the Rob Ford fiasco this past couple of weeks. How much ink has been used on the $90k Duffy scandal? These incompetent, dishonest, mealy mouthed, tax and spend liberals wasted 584 million of your hard earned tax dollars just to ensure they got voted in in 5 ridings in the last provincial election. Then dragged their feet on giving the auditor general any documentation on it and in the meantime deleted emails to cover their tracks. What do we get? A collective yawn from the 3 biggest newspapers in the country.
That is why us conservatives are always complaining about a liberal biased media.


2 thoughts on “Press is Biased (what a surprise!!!)

  1. Totally agree about newspapers.. Chris Carrier being conservative, haha, red “c” at best, he just wants Jim Wilson to retire, so he try and slide in there… Oh btw there are a lot of conservatives around collingwood that do admit to it…a ton actually…

    • Stu, I didn’t say that there were no Cons in Collingwood, I said that I had not met any. I am a red (fiscal) tory because that is the only type of tory that could be elected in Ontario. Remember Reform? (Which I was a member of incidentally).

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