Lights and Roundabouts


How many of you have sat at the lights at High Street and First St and every light seems to be red and no one is moving? That set of lights are the most annoying set of traffic lights I have ever come across. I just missed that light one day and I timed it, it took over 4 minutes for it to go through its tedious motions. I hate to admit it but I cut through Metro parking lot occasionally to miss the drudgery of waiting at that light.
I was sitting there one day fuming and ranting about these ‘Nanny state traffic lights’ (that’s what I call them). My daughter said “I agree dad why don’t they put a roundabout here?” I replied ‘Don’t be silly ………… actually why don’t they put a roundabout there?”
You are all probably used to roundabouts by now, being as we have at least three of them around town now and another one coming at the old intersection at Highway 26 and Mosley St in Wasaga Beach. What do you think? Pretty good once you get used to them eh? Environmentally friendly for all you Greenie Libs, no hydro, no endless greenhouse gases from idling cars. No frayed nerves when you just miss the light, traffic flows continuously, so in the middle of the night when there are no other cars are around you drive straight through, no pointless waiting.
Back to First and High St. It would actually be quite easy to put a roundabout there, all we would need is a bit of Metro’s parking lot and the whole intersection shifted south west. True it would be a bit of a nightmare during construction but we have been through worse. Can anyone tell me how much a roundabout would cost? Let’s get this show on the road and make it happen. Could have used some of that Collus money, if only it wasn’t blown like a sailors pay cheque on shore leave, last Monday evening.


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