A Shale Beach Shafting!!!


It’s weird I must be psychic. It was around a year ago on a perfect Sunday afternoon, I was sitting in a soccer chair at Fish Barrel Beach (Shale Beach for those of you who are lesser informed) reading my National Post. My kids were swimming. A nice old German couple were cooking up some bratwurst on a hibachi next to us, On the other side was a well healed Toronto family having a quick swim before the long trip back to the ‘big smoke’. And I thought, this is way too perfect, way too much freedom. I wonder how long it will take the ‘Nanny State’ to put a stop to this? A year later it happened. In an instant my all-time favorite swimming spot has been taken away from me. When I say taken away, it hasn’t actually been taken away, it will still be there but to get to it instead of driving off a little side road and parking right next to the water, you will now have to pay $14 and park at Craigleith Provincial Park and trudge on foot about 500 meters to get to it.
For those of you that do not know where I am talking about it’s the stretch of shale between Northlands Beach and Arrowhead Rd. Don’t worry they have all the bases covered they will be installing no parking signs all the way along Highway 26 in that area and up Arrowhead Rd. I am sure our local constabulary will be given strict instructions to ease up on seat belt patrol and make sure they enforce this to the letter until we submit.
There is a petition floating around http://www.change.org/petitions/stop-the-closure-of-shale-beach sign it if you want. But it won’t do any good. No one pays attention to petitions especially some unelected pencil necked MOT official. I wonder how this came about? I bet this was a civil servant driving by one weekend and thinking ‘ This can’t be right we must put a stop to it’. The official explanation is from a Mr. Bentley at the MTO in a letter sent to the Town of Blue Mountain stating “The ministry is undertaking a design and environmental assessment for the rehabilitation of Hwy. 26 between Collingwood and Thornbury — and as part of that process is “investigating strategies and options for access and controlled parking” for the beach, known locally as Fish Barrel Beach”.
Another explanation given is local residents complaining about inappropriate summer use. I have been going to that beach around 6 times a year for 13 years and I have never witnessed anything more inappropriate than a large hairy southern European man in a pair of Speedos.
This is what we get in this brave new world we live in, the cost of the nanny state will hit you not only in your wallet, but in everything else you do in life.

No Access

Should be changed to ………………………….

No fun


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