Candid Camera Season 2

To celebrate summer of 2013 our enterprising VFAN photographers have been out and about snapping some candid pictures of the people we love to talk about. This time not only around Collingwood, but Toronto and Ottawa too.

Cooper Hiding
“Hello!!! I’m the mayor of Collingwood you know. Get your fat Tory head out of my way.”

“C’mon I’m jonesing here, one more puff.”

“The army as well? We just had the OPP sniffing around.”

Duffy km's
“Write down the km’s, I’m expensing this.”

Dalton McGuinty
“I know nothing”

Rick Lloyd opp
“OK Lloyd, when I’ve finished with these folks here, we need to have a chat.’

“I really need to pee!!!”

Chadwick blog
Chadwick stands in front of his latest blog.

Town Crier
“I told you I’m not coming back until the OPP has finished.”

Delete email
“Now if you click this button here”…click…”That gets rid of unwanted emails”

Cooper Assaff
“We would like to present the Admiral Building. It will be 6 stories….em 5 stories…… 4 stories…… 2 stories, that’s right 2 stories.”

Cooper Carrier
“Would you mind removing that kitchen knife from my back please Sandra?”

Lunch time at the Canadian Senate

“Of course this isn’t a deleted gas plant e-mail, this is my grocery list”

“OK so we are heading for Collingwood Town Hall right”?

“Honestly, the bbq caught fire and I’ve lost the fire departments number.”

Bus ride
Since Berman published Collingwood councilors expenses they have had to find an alternative way to get around.


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