What happened to Chadwick?


I remember around 10 years ago having a long conversation with Ian Chadwick about local politics. I used to rent a mailbox at the old UPS Store, which he owned on First St in the same mall as Rogers. I thought “He seems like a decent sort of chap, a bit of a lefty but decent never the less”. The next thing I knew he was running for the local council. We had a few more chats after that and I voted for him. When he made council, I kept an eye on him and I thought in that first Geddes council, he did a pretty good job. I am not sure when he started writing his blog, but I saw it linked somewhere and I became be a regular reader. At that time he wrote a lot about municipal politics. One thing I found with Mr. Chadwick then, was he would always answer a comment or a question, either on his blog or by email whether you agreed with him or not. He would explain his viewpoint in a reasoned level headed way, and in the end you would sometimes have to agree to disagree with him. I think at the beginning of the Carrier term in office, I even suggested that he should run for mayor (God forbid). During that council term, I thought he did a fairly reasonable job, he always seemed to be on the same side of most issues that I was, with the exception of the grant money for the PRA dome, which he was vehemently against. He was a little less accessible in that time frame, but I voted for him anyway, in the last municipal election.
WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HIM SINCE 2010??? He has turned into a borish pompous ass. He now will not suffer any opinion that is contrary to his own. He is arrogant, opinionated, he blocks people from Facebook, Twitter who offer him the least bit of criticism and now will not accept any comments on his blog. He sits at council week after week making snide and insincere statements. He postures constantly, bringing up talking points just for the sake of making sure everyone hears the sound of his voice. Asking redundant questions about information that has already been provided to all council members in staff reports just so that he can prove he is the smartest guy in the room.
I think this post here http://ianchadwick.com/blog/should-you-run-for-municipal-council/ provides a clue of where his head is at. It was a swipe at Steve Berman when he first started getting involved with the local political scene. Reading between the lines, he has gotten tired of it all and now that people actually disagree with him it isn’t as much fun any more. I think Mr. Chadwick made a great councilor when he was in a minority situation and against the incumbent mayor. In this council he is part of the “in” crowd and basically part of the decision making process, he is part of the majority which is setting policy and the agenda, so he has to be accountable, which is something he does not do well. He is now an awful councilor and it seems a lot of people are in agreement with me, not the least of which is Scoop who is now in a full war of words with Chadwick his latest post is here: http://morganianadams.com/?p=2055 . I must confess I never thought I would see the day when these two old pals would get into this type of public open warfare against each other.
Mr. Chadwick probably does not read my blog. I am not up his “Intellectual Brownian Motion” ideals of what a true writer should be and I also criticize him. But if someone reads this who knows him. Tell him from a previous ardent supporter, that it’s time to call it quits. He can do nothing but continue to tarnish what I believe was a previously good reputation and no longer adds anything meaningful to the conversation. He should do us all a favour and not run for council next year, his time has well and truly come and gone.


One thought on “What happened to Chadwick?

  1. I think Mr. Chadwick is going through some sort of mid-life crisis, he doesn’t like to debate, he cancels comments that do not agree with him and finally…you get blocked. When the first Ride for Sight came to Collingwood, one of our friends was either President or Treasurer (not sure) we met up at Fisher Field for a brew and I spent an hour talking to a lovely gentleman AKA Mr. Chadwick….I don’t know what happened to him but the Ian Chadwick who sits on town council is most certainly not the same person. WHAT HAPPENED IAN CHADWICK ?????

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