Uh Oh, Mariane was pissed at me!!!


I pissed off Mariane McLeod. I commented on her post here http://mcleodsmusingswithmarianemcleod.blogspot.ca/2013/06/jealous-of-cowtown.html Basically saying Rob Ford would never get a chance to deal coherently with the media because the Red Star would never let him. That was OK it was when I said “You can do better than that”. She deleted my comment and stopped all comments. I didn’t notice for a while because although I very much enjoy Mariane’s blog she does not post often so I rarely visit her page.
It’s funny I have never met Mariane I only know her from her blog and occasionally listening to her radio show. But you start to get a familiarity with people through what they write and say. I guess she was right to admonish me in that way. She doesn’t know me from a hole in the ground, so who am I to tell her to do better.
Anyway this opened up an email conversation with Mariane. As is sometimes the case on this blog, I have decided to share this with you below. I think it opens a whole other conversation:

Did you stop allowing comments on your blog?
I deleted the nasty comment you posted and I did turn them off yesterday while trying to figure out how to moderate, which frankly seems like a pain in my ass. They're back on now, but please try to be respectful.
C’mon Mariane, because I said that you can do better? On a good day I get worse than that. If you are going to blog you have to have a thicker skin. It’s easy when everyone comments with fawning accolades saying how great you are. A little harder when someone disagrees with you.
What annoyed me with your Cowtown post is Naheed Nenshi has had a free ride with the national and his local media compared to Ford. Because he is firstly gay and secondly a visible minority. Yes he handled the Calgary flooding crisis well but when you have the media on your side its easy.
Think about this, Ford has been trying to sort out the fiscal mess that Miller left him. If he was both gay and let’s say black, instead of white, male and overweight do you think he would have been attacked so vehemently by the red star? I think not. Yes he is fat, awkward and abrasive, definitely not what we expect from our political leaders. But he was elected to make some changes to the status quo in Toronto, which he has tried to do but has been vilified by most of the media, because he is an easy target.
In terms of our local situation with Sandra Cooper, I have stated clearly many times what I think of her, but our situation compared with Calgary are so vastly different I cannot follow your lead on the comparison and dare I say it, it seemed like a bit of a stretch.
Sorry if I offended, it was not intentional, I will have to work on my abrasiveness. But if you post something that I disagree (or agree) with I am going to comment sometimes positively other times negatively.
Cheers Nobody
Now, those are arguments I can get behind!
I do have a thin skin, but I would not have deleted your comment if you had said any or all of what you just wrote. I'll take a debate, but I don't like a quick empty swipe.


PS how things have changed if the brown gay guy gets an easy ride because he's brown and gay while the son of a rich white guy gets a hard time because he's an oaf but entitled.

So this got me thinking ……… It is now the way of the world that instead of everyone being treated the same and judged by their merits alone, we now have sub sets of people that get a free pass and others that don’t. The following is the new pecking order:

White Anglo- Saxon men who are overweight.
White Anglo-Saxon men (I am part of this group)
White Anglo-Saxon women who are overweight.
White Anglo-Saxon women
Asian men and women. They are considered affluent and successful now with the economic rise of China.
Jewish men and women. They have gone down in the pecking order since the Six Day War. Like it or not all Jewish folk are linked to what Israel does.
Aboriginal men and women.
Afro or Caribbean. Central or Southern Asians.
Any kind of Muslim of any race or creed are at the top of the list.

If you throw in being gay or lesbian that will give you more points.
Some kind of disability will also give you points.
If you happened to be a Muslim lesbian with a disability from Southern Asia the world is now your oyster.


As Martin Luther King once said:
I have a dream. That my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

I’ll leave it at that.

Mariane I apologize for my abrasiveness it was in no way personal. I have a tremendous amount of respect for you and your writing.


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