Every picture tells a story.


I was driving down High St the other day and my phone rang. Now in all honesty I do sometimes talk on the phone while I am driving. I always considered this particular law more “Nanny State” over reach. I seem to be quite capable of driving comfortably, while talking on the phone. Judging by the amount of other drivers doing the same, many must be in agreement with me.
Anyway I digress. I checked the number and it was a call I had been waiting for and knew it would be a long winded call, so rather than risk a ticket pulled into the old Back Yard Products parking lot and continued my call from there. While on the phone talking, I was facing the new firehall with the Centennial Pool tent in the background. It suddenly hit me this is a good indication of the priorities of this current town council. This firehall is a great looking building, in contrast to what I believe is an ugly eyesore of a structure behind it. So on completion of my call, I snapped the picture above.
The firehall looks like it could grace the landscape of any modern well equipped town and we should all be proud of this piece of infrastructure. The pool structure looks like it belongs at the rear end of a town maintenance yard for storing heavy equipment and aggregate products. From this picture you get a very clear indication of where the larger part of this current administration sets its priorities. Our local fire department gets a well-constructed state of the art facility. We the public, the tax payers, the people that actually pay there salaries, get a couple of salt storage sheds to swim and skate in. The funniest thing is these structures will be visited by the traveling swim and hockey teams, from other communities, and they will be laughing at us for years to come.
I know, I know I can hear you all saying “Why is Nobody beating on this drum again?” Every possible angle has been covered on this stupid decision by myself, Steve Berman, Brian Sanderson, Ian Adams, Rick Crouch, Mariane McLeod to name but a few. Every conspiracy theory, every possible conflict of interest, every part of the financial ramifications, every stupid comment by Chadwick. It’s all been covered. But take a look at the picture below, now it’s built and that part of the towns landscape is starting to take shape, it really is quite an eyesore!!! Enjoy it, because you will be living with this particular wrong-headed, incomprehensible stupid decision for the foreseeable future.

Salt Shed

Salt Shed or state of the art swimming facility???


Imagine the kick back if we tried to house our well pampered fireman in a tent?


One thought on “Every picture tells a story.

  1. How could you say that the Town doesn’t consider recreation for its citizens as important as the fire department? They are spending just as much money on that pool as they did on the fire hall!

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