Internet Warlord Strikes Back!!!


I have been called many things over the past six months, ignorant, stupid, a blow hard, opinionated, a bad boss, a bad writer, a bad speller and grammatically ignorant. But Internet Warlord is a first. I am referring of course to a letter to the editor below in today’s Collingwood Connection. I can’t link you because for some reason the EB and the Connection never post the letters to the editor until about 2 weeks after the fact, so I am doing it the old way scanning and pasting.

letter editor 001

Dick Hill complains that people like me, Steve Berman, BTC hurt democracy and that we should not be posting nasty things about our mayor and town council. I guess if I follow his reasoning they were duly elected and we should leave them to their own devices until the next election. At that point the democratic process kicks in and if we are not happy we can “Throw the bums out” on election day.
Dick, part of the democratic process is freedom of speech. Many of our forebears stormed the beaches of Normandy nearly 70 years ago to give me the right to criticize or praise our elected officials of all levels of government when and how I please, without fear of sanction or penalty.
In actual fact, this current town council, that you are at such pains to come to the defense of, are actually the ones that have hijacked the democratic process. I voted for all of the this current town council with the exception of one. When I ticked the boxes for my choice of mayor, deputy mayor and council members, I had no idea that I was voting for a recreational policy that did not allow for any public input. Used a sole sourced bid process. Ignored concerns by a large portion of the electorate. I also did not vote to sell half of Collus, which I believe should have been an election issue, not a fait accompli that seemed to be done behind closed doors, without again, any public input.

One final comment Dick, I do not come to your house, grab you by your throat and make you link my site and make you read my blog. You do it of your own free will, so if you don’t like what I write stop reading it. Then go back and stick your head back in a bucket until the next election. At that point you can vote for all your heroes again.


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