That Damned Mosquito!!!

Chase fly

I am a follower of Ian Chadwick’s Blog. It’s tough sometimes because intellectually he is sometimes beyond me. There’s no doubt he is a very smart man. Also his blog changes name on what seems like a monthly basis, nowadays it’s called Scripturient, which means having a violent desire to write. His latest offering emphasizes the violent here: It actually left me a little shell shocked by its animosity. I get the impression that he would really like to punch someone in there big fat uneducated mouth. He does this occasionally with his posts. It’s like things have been building up for a while, just bugging the shit out of him. Like that lone mosquito that has been buzzing around your room at night, when you are really tired. Every time you start to fall asleep it buzzes close to your ear and wakes you up, so you scrunch your head under the covers, but that’s too uncomfortable. So eventually you jump out of bed grab the first thing that comes to hand and start whacking around violently trying to kill the little bugger.
On closer inspection of Mr. Chadwick’s latest post I notice it does not have his usual discipline in the way it’s constructed. It starts off ranting about Stephen Harper then ends up taking wide swipes at his detractors (me), who vote conservative (me), bad spellers (me), bad bloggers (me), minions who get sued for asking legitimate questions (Berman). And again he mentions the now famous (or is it infamous) Dick Hill. As I said earlier, like the half asleep man with the rolled up newspaper stumbling around his bedroom trying to kill that damned mosquito.
The main thing I get from his blog though, is he is completely tone deaf to any criticism in his role on Collingwood town council.

Note: I know, I know, I have been bashing Chadwick a lot lately. I actually made a promise to myself a couple of days ago to stop for a while, but he makes it so easy.


One thought on “That Damned Mosquito!!!

  1. It seems to me that it’s all Mr. Chadwicks way or…the highway. He needs to wake up and smell the roses !!!

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