Why is there one rule for Charis and one for Fram?

double standards

Even though I say so myself, this blog is definitely ahead of the curve. Back on June 9th I posted this: https://viewfromanobody.wordpress.com/2013/06/09/why-is-there-one-rule-for-us/b
This afternoon I noticed the following article in the online version of the Enterprise Bulletin: http://www.theenterprisebulletin.com/2013/07/25/shipyard-owners-order-to-clean-up-site .
This is great of course. I am not sure if this was anything to do with old Nobody but it definitely gets you thinking.
I have one problem with it though, and I will sum it up with the title of this post: Why is there one rule for Charis and one for Fram? Might it be something to do with the very chummy relationship that a certain developer has with this current administration? Which I witnessed last Monday evening. Come on town council this is so blatant the double standard here. And the editorial staff at the EB should also be pointing this out. The hypocrisy is absolutely sickening.
The bomb crater with the Detroit like faded hoardings advertising a project that isn’t even happening now at the main intersection at the entrance into town. Is way more of an eyesore than the Shipyards ever was. So Sara Almas take this as a great big fat complaint to the town and lets see Coopers Folly cleaned up as well.


2 thoughts on “Why is there one rule for Charis and one for Fram?

  1. What about the safety aspect of this mega quarry , at one of the towns busiest intersections? Where are all the heritage people now ? I guess the hole looks better than a six storey LOW RISE building would have …….This is a real joke and an eyesore for this town …This hole in the ground represents the unfocused and unclear leadership of this town for the last six years or so. Can this ever be resolved with any of the parties involved in this fiasco now ? Can someone please step up and fix the mess ? Why don’t the OPP look at who broke into the Admiral Condos sales office after they went under and cross reference it with the pool break in ? Just a thought .

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