Letter to the editor from Chadwick cheerleader

letter to the editor

This is brilliant. Remember when Helena Guergis had a few of her staff sent letters to the editor praising and saying how great she was? Here is the gist of it:


At the time Chadwick made such hay over that major faux pas by the MP he loved to hate. You would think after that situation arose he would be more careful about dealing with supporting “Letters to the editor”. Here is his Facebook comment:
Good letter from Dick Hill in the Connection this weekend. Unfortunately, it’s not online (the last letter on the website is dated in May). However, worth reading if you haven’t seen it. It expresses an opinion I’ve heard from many, many residents in the past few months. Since it was also sent to council, I expect it will appear on the consent agenda in the near future.
Do you see anything there about Dick being a financial contributor? No neither can I. Take a look at this:

dick hill

That is part of the following document that was forwarded to me anonymously:
Chadwick_Financial Statements
Its an auditors report detailing campaign contributors to his council election campaign in 2010. At the top of the list is yes you guessed it – Dick Hill. So Dick isn’t just some random “concerned resident” he is part of Chadwicks cheering team.
So Dick, next time you send a letter to the editor, make sure you tell everyone who you actually are. And Chadwick I thought you would have learned from your previous nemesis’s experience with glowing “Letters to the Editor”.


6 thoughts on “Letter to the editor from Chadwick cheerleader

  1. Chadwick smadwick….have never met the man…nor do I care to..or look at his Facebook
    I generally don’t hold pompous, egotistical, elitist asses in High regard and definitely don’t listen very long to them.
    Which overall is starting be the theme of many bloggers that I read….. Give me facts man…not innuendo or hearsay…..facts!!!

  2. Isn’t this just a little bit of a stretch comparing to the Helena thing…..? I am not catching the correlation between the two… Mr Hill does not work for him. Just common sense that someone who supported him would be on his side, who cares, he is a private citizen allowed to support whoever he wants. And please don’t start talking about about any political BS, cause everyone has some sort of political standpoint on blogs in general.
    No matter what you see on the news, blogs, advertising, etc etc, they all have some sort of political side to it, one just has to be smart enough to get it, and look for the other side..

    • Go back take a look at the letter and Chadwick’s post on FB. No mention that either know each other let alone Dick being campaign contributor. The correlation is that Dick Hill and Chadwick would like you to believe he’s just another concerned citizen.

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