Scoop comes out swinging

It’s great to see Scoop coming out swinging again here:

I’ve missed our old Scoop Doggy Dog. He hasn’t been posting lately, he told me that myself and Berman drove him to stop blogging. Because every time he posted something we do an internet version of a football game pile on. This time is no different of course. One observation first though. There was a time when if Scoop linked or mentioned this space in any of his blogs my readership would go bonkers, through the roof. Today he did it and it barely registered on viewership scale. I wonder if that means that people had already read my post, or Scoops views are down.
Anyway I digress. Scoop was affronted by my last post comparing Dick Hill writing the now famous letter to the editor (I bet Dick never thought that little old letter would open this can of worms) and Helena Guergis staff writing letters to the editor.
In response to Scoop I think it’s very easy to “stoop to such an absence of critical thought”. If Dick Hill wrote his letter and said as a preface “ I am a financial donor to one of the council members” the whole letter has a completely different flavour about it. Also in Chadwick’s Facebook comment if he said one of my “Financial contributors Dick Hill” then went on to do his self-aggrandizing little speech it all takes on a whole different meaning and context. I know that Scoop hates anyone comparing anything to Helena (now the wicked witch of the west), because there was obviously never a politician worse than her. In the same post I noticed Scoop couldn’t help himself but give another swipe at Chris Carrier when he said “I know people who donated to a former mayor’s political campaign, and today regret writing the cheque (actually, the regret came within the first year of the mayor’s term).” C’mon Scoop that horse bolted long ago. Let it go already!!!
But he did use a classic line which I must remember to use sometime, when he described one of Chadwick’s posts as “Passive aggressive nonsense”. Brilliant, I love it!!!

It’s great to have you back Scoop I missed our little online fencing matches.


2 thoughts on “Scoop comes out swinging

  1. So if I write a letter to a national newspaper criticising some aspect of government policy, I have to declare whether I have ever contributed to a political party? I see a lot of letters in the national press, but I never see anyone making such declarations. It is not the norm.

    • I would not be so bold as to say or suggest anyone has to do anything. But the fact that Dick Hill is a Chadwick campaign contributor needed to be pointed out. The previous post was just my clever/clumsy (you pick) way of doing it.

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