A hillbilly responds


I’ve done it again couldn’t keep my big fat mouth shut!!! But on the bright side it makes for a good subject to post about (this stuff writes itself).
What I am blabbering about is a minor comment I made on Steve Berman’s Facebook page I won’t link it, you all know where it is. For some reason Steve linked a Scoop “exclusive” here:
It kind of like a CBC Market Place bit and a pretty good piece of journalism. Having been in the construction business I found it fairly interesting but the premise of the story I was not really surprised about. So I linked back to Berman’s FB page again and noticed some comments on the bottom. This is where it gets more interesting and is the premise of why I am writing this post.

Todd Johnson commented the following: “They hardly look like innocent victims… And the story doesn’t jive!”
I found this quite intriguing I know Todd well and have worked for him and his father. He is a smart individual so if he says something I will take notice.
So I went back and read this tale of woe again in more detail to see what Todd was talking about.
On returning to the comments I was shocked to see this one in response to Todd:

John Cormier – Who do you think you are to determine or draw a conclusion that a story ‘doesn’t jive’? You know exactly nothing about us or our story!! I suggest you keep your uninformed narrow-minded comments to yourself and don’t give in to your compulsion to display your stupidity. Perhaps there is another language that would work better for you since you seemingly have difficulty with English comprehension of the article? After all our family went through if you think I will take anything from an idiot like you…think again! Don’t comment on me or my family again!

Then this one:

Joanne Notting – Maybe he’s just a backwater relative of the contractor?? Just ignore him John ….

Then this:

John Cormier There are a lot of hillbillies in the region. But most have some class…this idiot, not so much. He should ask about me, before posting something stupid!!

So in a couple of hours Todd had been called a hillbilly, stupid, an idiot, has no comprehension of the English language, has no class.

Now you all must know me by now, old Nobody isn’t going to let a good Facebook scrap go by without chiming in, I live for this stuff.

So I did:

Nobody – John FYI Todd and his family used to run one of the biggest house building companies in Collingwood. What I see that doesn’t jive is Bill Plewes is a stand up person and a very good inspector. I have witnessed the local building department run Todd and his dad through the wringer with building inspections on their projects. Also how well did you vet this Beau-Tee View Homes company and how much cheaper were they than anyone else? Just asking so don’t call me a hillbilly.

Not being rude am I??? Just doing what we do on Facebook putting some background in the topic and commenting.

But I got this in return:

John Cormier – I’m not here to answer your questions, nor am I interested in a debate RE: the merits of Mr. Plewes. Like your buddy above (common theme in this town) you speculate and assume you know everything based on what you may have seen years ago – once! Or perhaps what you’ve been told. You have no real understanding or experience, but you’ve likely had a beer with Plewes therefore he’s a ‘standup guy’? I know nothing of him other than the volumes of engineering reports, multiple engineers from 2 firms and countless contractors who laugh at his incompetence. I base my opinions on fact, as did the writer for the article with whom I shared a portion of the documentation. Are you under the impression we had nothing better to do with our time, our lives than to make this up? How about the writer, he too fabricated a story because he was bored? If you have nothing of value to add other than to blindly defend your buddy why bother? That was rhetorical !! Oh and one final point, at what price point is a chief building inspector expected to conduct is legal obligation to provide a safe environment to the public? Does a price of home, in your mind, influence how the job is to be conducted? Get a grip, don’t be stupid like the idiot above.

See a pattern forming here? I am sensing blood now so I persisted.

Nobody – It seems anyone that offers anything to this conversation other than agreement with your point of view is either a hillbilly, stupid, a drinking buddy of someone you think wronged you, needs to get a grip, or an idiot. Good luck with that.

And finally this missive:

John Cormier – So what did you add genius? That your buddy is a standup guy? Wow riveting! I’m starting to understand the difficulty Mr. Adams has writing in this community…the majority of those receiving the paper can’t read. There were/are many issues, too many to be covered in the article. FACT: Our home was built with NO substrate…NO structural stability…NO water barriers whatsoever (among countless other major structural defects). That’s what (5) engineers and (2) lawyers were considering as a reason to declare the home uninhabitable. HOW ARE SUCH KEY ASPECTS TO HOME BUILDING MISSED, YET APPROVED BY COLLINGWOOD’S CBI…your stand up buddy who signed off? Hmmmm Read his article comments more closely, some of us have discovered some great information.

It’s ridiculous that this CBI hasn’t YET accepted any responsibility or been held accountable for his inactions and errors. We paid for the permits and inspections through the purchase price. Sure the inspectors can’t see every deficiency during construction, but to let so many vital, glaring and obvious major structural issues slip buy is not only unconscionable, but certainly could be criminal. What if something had collapsed on our family or yours? Did the moisture entry cause health debilitating mold to flourish? How has all this affected the potential resale value of this home? What was this CBI actually doing when he should have been inspecting our house? The permit paid fees were directed to qualified inspection by qualified inspectors. Obviously this didn’t occur. Was someone paid something to overlook shoddy workmanship? That’s not an accusation but any reasonable, logical, intelligent individual would have to wonder. So Colin, and anyone else interested in offering up stupidity, while blindly defending a childhood friend…there is a BIG difference between a standup guy as you know him and a competent professional. The job requires someone with a post-secondary (that mean university) education or an advanced degree…not a handyman. Engineering reports don’t lie. How am I doing ‘adding to the conversation’? Believe me you know nothing of the situation and I can tell by the lack of empathy…it (approx $350Gs in repairs) didn’t happen to your family!! ‘THINK WRONGED ME? Wow you really are an idiot with that comment!

Now I can appreciate that Mr. Cormier and his family have had a very tough experience with their house build. But do you see a pattern in his interactions with people who don’t tell him what he wants to hear? If the above is any indication on how he has dealt with the Collingwood Building Department, Tarion, his building contractor, then the picture starts to clear a little. If I was working for him and he talked to me like he has above, I would not be giving this person my best efforts. I have some comments on his house build situation but that is the topic of my next blog post.

For now though keep an eye open for the fireworks this post will create.


6 thoughts on “A hillbilly responds

  1. It was the “hillbilly” comment that really irked me from ole whatsherface….and then him agreeing….my empathy went out the window… Imagine working for a guy like that, temper wise…ugh…especially if he does not get his way or if you disagree with….

      • I hear ya viewNono….
        At the end of the day, we are all just people, so treat everyone you don’t know, like you know them and like them, rather than alienating them instantly…
        I have had the privilege of meeting many a prime minister, and some very ultra wealthy people in life, and the good ones were down to earth and treated you like a person…and I learned a lot of things from them
        Some people in life well get it and others will go through life thinking you “owe them” for talking to them.
        I guess I am just a hillbilly, cause I grew up in Collingwood, live in Collingwood, have a university education, and work in management for a major multi national Corporation.

    • Give me time Steve its coming. But its hard when he is calling me stupid and an idiot, merely for asking a couple of questions. I feel I showed a tremendous amount of restraint actually.

      • lol. I know that’s hard for you 🙂 I would imagine that after what he”s been through, a bit of “us vs. them” mentality would be natural.

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