Hillbilly responds part 2

construction site

Its rather unfortunate that my interactions with Mr. Cormier degenerated into him calling me names and threatening me. Because I do have a lot of empathy for him and his family in the unfortunate situation detailed in my previous post and Scoops article in the EB.
In the Collingwood area there are some fantastic house builders. Some of the best that I have ever come across. Obviously Mr. Cormier did not employ one of them. I’m sure many of you have watched Mike Holmes on TV. You only have to watch a couple of episodes of that show to realize that there are some crappy contractors out there.
Todd might correct me, but what I think he was getting at in his comment (albeit rather abruptly I guess) that started Mr. Cormier’s ranting at Todd and myself is that by saying “they hardly look like innocent victims” This is probably a reference to the fact that a building contractor does not just suddenly go from being a great contractor to being a bad one, they usually leave a trail of destruction in their wake and it is very important to sit down and talk to previous customers and find out how they did on previous house builds. So did the Cormier’s do there due diligence prior to entering into a contract with this company/individual? Also in the bidding process did Mr. Cormier get a number of quotes from builders (4 would be a good amount) the price differential should be around $20,000 between all the bidders if one bid comes in a lot higher that builder obviously doesn’t need the work. If one comes in a lot lower he has missed something or is cutting corners.
The other comment that was made was that something “didn’t jive”. Not sure what that was all about but my guess is all the comment and inuendo in the article about Collingwood Building Department and the head building inspector Bill Plewes. For a small town Collingwood has an excellent building department, I have had many dealings with them especially Bill. He is competent and very easy to deal with. The one thing he nor any building inspector can do is catch discrepancies that are actively hidden from them. Also some items like exterior cladding and siding are not covered by building inspections as Bill rightly points out.
This whole situation should be a warning to anyone that is hiring a building contractor do you due diligence.

Mr. Cormier I appreciate that this is a very difficult situation for you and your family. I apologize if I have caused you any more stress above and beyond what you have already suffered, it was never intentional. Hopefully this situation is now resolved and you can move on and enjoy your new home.


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