Collingwood waterfront revisited.

Waterfront 4

I’m glad to see Steve Berman has posted here: On an issue that I partially covered a couple of months ago here: and here:
This council and many previous councils should be ashamed at the lack of any kind of progressive thinking on the waterfront of this town. Only walkers, cyclists and a few condo owners can actually get any kind of enjoyment out of it.
I personally believe the reason for this and other stupid rules, like only allowing banks and certain professionals to locate downtown (parking is getting harder all the time). Is because of a very vocal and strong downtown business association. Having said that, I am not against the downtown business’s having a say on what happens in downtown Collingwood but not at the expense of all other retail development everywhere in town. A case in point if you take another look at the comments in my earlier posts about the waterfront. A bucket of cold water was thrown over my ideas, by one of downtowns prominent restaurant owners. They do not want any more competition and are quite happy with the status quo.
The short sightedness of this is mind-numbing. If the water front was opened to more commercial development it would bring more people into town and in turn more business to everyone including the downtown business’s.
How many visitors visit Blue Mountain Resort and because of the complete lack of any tourist draw, do nothing in Collingwood except buy gas and a few groceries at Metro? They have no reason to come here, everything is there for them at the Mountain, even a crappy waterfront around that pond.
If there were a vibrant waterfront like you see in most other places in the world that are located near water, it would be a draw to the town. I believe there should be a moratorium on further development at the area where the Mountainview used to be and all that parcel of waterfront land up to Heritage Way, until a complete rethink is done on how that areas development should proceed. I also think that this should be an election issue next year. We only have one chance to develop that land and it should be done correctly.
This issue seems to resonate with a lot of people. We have all had the same experience of people visiting us from other places and wondering why they can’t go down to the waterfront and buy an ice cream or sit on a patio and have a meal and a beer overlooking the water.
Another situation that I have never seen before is the sewage treatment plant located smack bang in the middle of town, basically stopping any development of prime waterfront land. I don’t know the story behind that bit of brainless town planning, but I am guessing that it was located there originally when the shipyards were in full swing and no one ever thought that the town would ever be anything more (or less) than an industrial centre.

waterfront 5

This piece of land has so much potential but its slated for 1 restaurant and more condos. If you feel as passionately about this as I do then send an email to the mayor and town council, this is such a shame.


4 thoughts on “Collingwood waterfront revisited.

  1. excellent post, and I very much concur with your thoughts on the waterfront. It’s a jewel, but very much in the rough. Someone needs to sort this out before they ruin or destroy what they could have.

  2. Travel to Orillia waterfront, it’s fantastic. Every weekend some type of show / festival thousands of tourist spending money.Boat show, Scotish festival,Canada day, Regatta last weekend for the kid , rotary train just to name few…. Yes ice cream cone too, may explain my belly. Collingwood need a full PUBLIC harbour docking slips to start.

    • The person that said:
      “Yes , I can only imagine what the rent would be down there. Not to mention the cost of setting up. Food and drink prices would have to be on par with intrawest or more.”
      Looks like a bucket of cold water to me.

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