Clippers vs CUSC


I received an email yesterday that peaked my interest. It was in regards to Chadwick’s patting himself (and everyone else involved in the swimming tent) on the back blog post “Centennial Pool Gets Finishing Touches” . The part of the post that the e-mailer was interested in is the following:

“Here you can see the visitor’s room more clearly. The dark window at the centre, back, is the main office. There are several other offices inside, including one for training, and ONE FOR THE CLIPPERS SWIM CLUB.”
So the Clippers get their own office at Centennial Pool. The question I ask is, do they pay the town rent for this office or was this all part of the original donation that someone made to the town by a Clippers donor? It seems the town can’t do enough for this swim club. A $3.5 million facility for a club that has, what 100 members? I also ask how much does the Clippers pay for there use of the Centennial Pool now?
Let’s compare that to soccer in Collingwood.

Collingwood United Soccer Club has over 1,400 active players. The field user fees are around $37,000.00 per year. Fisher Field and Harbourview Park are the main locations where soccer games are played. In neither of these locations are there permanent washroom facilities (there are porta potty’s) or somewhere to get changed. Meaning if its pouring with rain during a game not only do you or child get soaking wet, but so does all the clothes that you want to get changed into.
Fisher Field has been in service for seven years now, so given size of the demographic in Collingwood of kids and adults that play soccer, plus the amount of user fees that soccer players pay into the town. Is it not time that some of the seemingly endless swimmer and hockey dollars got diverted to soccer? Or do we continue to be the poor cousins of the local sports scene?


3 thoughts on “Clippers vs CUSC

  1. You can’t even get a drink of water out at Fisher Field, unless you dip your water bottle in the natural spring that comes pouring out in the ditch that you have to cross to get to the North East fields (no joke ,it is there )……. who would own that water anyhow ??? I might like to run a hose and fill up my pool or just bottle the spring water and sell it ……. Where the heck is our (The Towns ) awesome new portable THIRST QUENCHER MOBILE A MA JIGG that the town had custom built for us ??? The pictures look great in the newspaper !!! Maybe somebody or NOBODY , can get that rig rolled out for the upcoming end of season house league soccer tournament…….

  2. So I and everyone can get a perspective on things, what did it cost to build fisher field?
    What is the cost per year for the clippers to use the pool? What is the total amount of people that will use the pool? How many kids/people are playing hockey, and what is total usage and cost to them to do it per time and for the year?
    From what you say above, breaking it down, it costs 26.42 per person for the use of fisher field for the soccer year or .17 cents a day(5 months)… Pretty cheap…..very cheap…hockey sure isn’t that cheap…
    It is all about perspective…and well who the hell wants to swim anyway(petrified of water)

    • They could have built a changing room building at Fisher for around the same price as the therapeutic pool at Centennial. They had to build Fisher Fields or completely abandon soccer in Collingwood, so not a fair comparison.

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