Tents for swimming and hockey – Trailers for soccer.


There has been a major change in the Fisher Field washroom/ changing room situation in the last few weeks. The CUSC men’s premier team won the York Region Senior Men’s League with a 14 – 0 – 1 record. I know most of the players on this team they are a good bunch of guys and I would like to congratulate them on this outstanding achievement. I will take a small piece of credit for this team, as a couple of years ago they were about to move to Wasaga Beach, due to some communication problems between the club and the team and I brokered a meeting between the two parties and the rest as they say is history.
Anyway the thing that has changed is this team will very likely be invited to play in the prestigious Ontario Soccer League. This is the first time that any team from Collingwood has reached this level of soccer and it’s the real McCoy. As they used to say back in the old country “proper football”.
There is one small problem though, in order to play in this league the home playing field has to have – yes you guessed it – actual changing rooms and washrooms. So as per usual this town has ignored a situation until it becomes critical. The word out there is that either the town or the club will set up portable “Atco” trailers to serve the purpose. So that’s great we now have tents for swimming pools and hockey arenas and trailers for our towns elite soccer players. Priceless!!!


This is what will greet the visiting elite soccer players when they come to play in Collingwood.


5 thoughts on “Tents for swimming and hockey – Trailers for soccer.

  1. How about a good ole fundraiser to build the buildings “you” want?
    Honestly we should build buildings for everyone that wants one…..

    • Its not “me” that wants it. Its required to host a certain level of soccer in Collingwood and could have been done for around the same price as the therapeutic pool. There is endless amounts of money for swimmers – soccer not so much. The Clippers got a $3.5 million facility without fundraising. I know you well enough now Stu you are baiting me!!!

      • Well, I did cast a line……
        Life and sports in this town have certainly changed over the last 40+++ odd years.
        It seems that everything has been hijacked by special interest groups for their own unique “wants”, and I am not just harping on you for the soccer change rooms….
        Don’ t get me wrong they make sense for what your club needs, however the line at the funding trough is loooong, hence the fundraiser comment….. Just like the old kinsman used to do…way back when, and gives a form of ownership in getting it done…

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