CUSC here are the numbers…….

One of my regular commenters advised me after one of my weekend posts, that CUSC should fund raise to get the washrooms/ changing rooms built a Fisher Field. I was also the subject of a fairly decent dose of piss taking from the Hamilton Drain Gazette. So let’s examine the numbers generated by CUSC’s annual rep tournaments hosted over 2 weekends in June. One weekend is for girls and the following is for boys. The numbers below were sent to me from a CUSC board member.
The CUSC Invitational Tournament host 150 teams. Most teams make a weekend out of it and come up Friday and leave Sunday.
Each team would have approximately 15-18 families so (average 16.5 families per team)
Let’s say each family spends approximately $400 for the weekend on hotels, restaurants, food etc. Which I think is on the moderate side.
150 teams x 16.5 = 2,475 families x $400.00 = $990,000.00 spent over two weekends generated by soccer players and their families coming into the area.
Try booking a hotel first two weekends in June, every hotel in Collingwood is booked. And local restaurants are packed. So that is a million dollars brought into the local economy by CUSC.
The club pays for the fields, they pay to rent extra port-a-potties, they pay for all the tent rentals and volunteers run the tournament. They receive nothing from the town in exchange for bringing this many people to town. Add to that the families that come to Collingwood for rep games week in week out through the summer and you have a club that is punching way above its weight in bringing people and business into town.
So before this request for washrooms at Fisher gets labeled as more whining from a “special interest group” CUSC is much, much, more than that and should treated as fairly as swimmers and hockey players.


3 thoughts on “CUSC here are the numbers…….

  1. Excellent… Some numbers to look at.. Love it
    So now you’re on your way to building a business plan with some teeth in it to present to people. What in your opinion do you think the building(s) will cost?
    I have no interest in soccer whatsoever, but for your club to succeed, a business plan is needed to present to either companies or municipalities.
    Personally, I would go to all the hotels and restaurants that benefit by the tournament and get support to start and build that into your plan….
    Not an easy task by any means but a solid business plan will have details like this, among many many strengths and weaknesses of putting up the buildings etc etc…

    • It won’t be my business plan Stu. I am merely a soccer player and an interested observer. But my thought is a basic men’s and women’s washroom/change room would be around $500,000-$600,000 – chump change for this town council.

      • Now now…we all have to stop throwing darts and start being proactive with positive change for things such as this. Honestly, if wanted something like this, and I was just an observer I would get involved if it was a benefit to the club and town in the short and long term..

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