Lighthouse – Love it or Lose it.


We have very few iconic buildings in Collingwood. The grain terminals immediately come to mind, also the old post office building on Hurontario St. But if I was to think of an iconic structure that personifies this towns maritime past it would have to be the old lighthouse. Scoop did an exceptional post on the decay of this structure here:
I won’t repeat any of the tales of woe that he covered and we all know what is happening. I believe because the structure is on an island and only accessible by a long swim or a boat it is easy to ignore the fact that this important building is being swallowed up by mother nature. I do not understand this. I don’t understand why the three levels of government and maybe Simcoe County cannot scrape together enough money, Scoop mentioned $4,5 million so I will take his word for it, to get this fixed up.
As you regular readers know I was recently in the UK. Immediately below is a picture of a light house that was decommissioned over 20 years ago to be replaced by a new lighthouse and life boat station:
IOM Lighthouse

As you can see it is still painted and maintained like new. In the UK structures like this are maintained by a charity called the National Trust here:
The following is this organizations mandate:
“We protect historic houses, gardens, mills, coastline, forests, woods, fens, beaches, farmland, moorland, islands, archaeological remains, nature reserves, villages and pubs. Then we open them up forever, for everyone.”
National Trust

I guess with Canada being such a young country there has never been a need for such an organization. But with this lighthouse disintegrating before our eyes with no level of government taking any ownership of its restoration and maintenance maybe it’s time for a Canadian version of the National Trust.

One last thing, after one or two too many lightning strikes and this lighthouse finally succumbs to the elements. What are we going to call Lighthouse Point? – Pile of Rubble Point?


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