Grocery Store Snobs


I’ve been meaning to write this blog for weeks, but other posts and life got in the way.

The following is a conversation between a bunch of soccer guys a few weeks ago:

Buddy 1: I hear they are closing down Loblaw’s and moving it to the land behind Home Depot and Walmart.

Buddy 2: They better not. I don’t want to drive all the way out there to buy my groceries.

Nobody: You should shop at Freshco anyway its way cheaper than Loblaw’s and Metro, plus its locally owned.

Buddy 2: I don’t shop in that grocery store. I only shop at Loblaw’s.

Nobody: Why not it’s got great produce, could probably use a deli, but the packaged goods are 60% – 70% of the price of Loblaw’s.

Buddy 2: Way too many sketchy people in Freshco’s.

Nobody: No there isn’t. I go in there all the time.

Buddy 2: I rest my case!!!

Buddy 1: Ouch!!! I won’t shop in there either.

Nobody: You two are a pair of snobs.

I had no idea that such grocery store snobbery existed in our town. I shop in Freshco’s and Walmart for my groceries. because it’s way cheaper and I don’t need to be tempted by all the expensive choices that you have at Loblaw’s. end of story.

For all you grocery store snobs – keep wasting your money.



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