Lazy Journalism


Regular readers of this space know that I really have no time for the provincial Liberal government. They have gone way past there “Best Before” date. I believe that they are being propped up by the GTA because the conservative party has not brought forward a candidate that anyone is comfortable with. (A trained monkey could do better in my opinion). Plus they know with Kathleen Wynne the downtown TO based liberal elitist running the province, which side the bread is always going to be buttered – the rest of the province be damned!!!
Kathleen Wynne has been in hiding this past few weeks, hoping that the public will forget about the gas plant scandal and this provinces burgeoning and looming debt crisis. So when she made herself available for questions a couple of days ago, what was the most pressing thing that had to be asked of our unelected premier? What was so important that the public needed to know right now the answer to? – Whether she had smoked pot or not!!!
As per usual this premier and her government get a free pass on all its sins by the Toronto press – Such lazy journalism!!!


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