Corolla’s doing lengths

car in a pool

I have purposely avoided commenting earlier on this latest brouhaha about the “Sprung Shield” not being installed at Centennial Pool because I believe the bigger story is our local paper suddenly “finding religion” on this file, and also like every other scandalous thing to do with these rec-facilities nothing will come of it.
It sounds to me that in there rush to get these things built someone at town hall forgot to tick the box that says “vandal proof layer”. I laughed out loud when I read “low crime area” that part of town is the closest we have to the projects. I can imagine now every young punk with a stolen car will be heading straight for Centennial Pool to see if they can make a Toyota Corolla do lengths.
I should be sitting here with a huge case of righteous indignation about the whole thing but I am righteously indignated out on this whole affair these days. Its fun watching them squirm though.


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