Reflecting on controlling my gag reflex.

gag reflex

Just finished checking out Chadwick’s Facebook page to see if he has plagiarized any more of my stuff again. He could have found lots of material last week, being as I had a bit of a spat with his latest sworn enemy. I try to keep away from it these days, as it usually brings on a serious case of “gag reflex”. Scoop has been like a dog on a bone with Chadwick recently. He posted on his blog today about Chadwick’s “ironic” comment, so I had to go and check it out.

My conclusion is that Chadwick has lost the plot again. Here’s what he posted:

Irony: complaining that council didn’t spend more money on a facility you didn’t want us to build in the first place.”

Some local wag replied: “For the record, I wanted you to spend the money” 🙂

You always know when Chadwick is on the ropes when he responds on his FB page with more than a one liner; here’s what he said:

“Thanks, Aaron, Given the choice of spending $80,000+ per facility on an outside aluminum covering or on fittings, furniture and equipment inside, which would you choose? Keep in mind that it might protect the fabric, but anyone with a portable cutter can still break in. Or just throw a brick through a window. Won’t stop the graffiti either. Vandals and thieves always find a way to damage public property or steal from others, regardless of the exterior. Would another $150,000-$200,000 really prevent them?”

In his own words our esteemed councilor just explained why these buildings are completely wrong for the purpose that we are using them for and that is – “anyone with a portable cutter can still break in”. Not really much else I can say about this as Scoop covered the rest of it quite nicely.

Further down the page he has a link here it is:

I warn you don’t read this until your dinner has settled, otherwise you will be having a tough time keeping it down. Not sure if anyone has told him this or not, but it is up to others to write this type of self-promoting claptrap. He must have a sore arm from all those tires he is pumping up including his own.

Last but not least Chadwick must be on Sprung’s payroll. He is now inventing new and wonderful ways to get more Sprung structures into town. He is now promoting a bowling “tent” at Monday evenings council meeting and on his Facebook page.
Hey Scoop if you make nice with Chadwick again, maybe he can get Sprung to build you a floating paddling tent for the winter.


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