Where is the mayor?


That is a very good question. In this latest brouhaha involving the real power brokers in town running rough shod over the electorate. Our mayor has been yet again missing in action. She must think it’s great that the Enterprise Bulletin when covering the Sprung Shield fiasco didn’t even bother going to her for comment. She’s been thinking “perfect”, let her deputy mayor take up all the slack. But when you have our main news source for all that’s political in Collingwood, not even going to her for a statement or comment, it speaks volumes on how our mayor is perceived, not just by the EB but by the actual people running the town (not Sandra Cooper). You all know who they are, not only Rick Lloyd. The background people, they figure out the best way to run our town from behind the scenes, at private little meetings, dinner parties and barbeques.

This is actually a complete disaster for Mayor Cooper, because it shines a spotlight on how it all works down at town hall. Read Scoops opinion piece here:

I was shocked that the mayor isn’t even mentioned once in this whole editorial. Because she is irrelevant. She is merely the face that was trundled out in front of us as our mayor, in the last election.
Rick Lloyd ran for mayor three times and was unsuccessful each time. Now he doesn’t need to, he gets to make all the important decisions with Sandra in the big chair. The palatable face of someone the public rejected on three occasions.

Mayor Cooper show some leadership for a change, show us that you are actually the Mayor of Collingwood, the chief magistrate. Make a statement and announce what the EB is demanding “an independent review” on this whole scandalous affair.


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