Response from a Blogging Vigilante ………….

Dick Hill is at it again, not sure where this was posted or originated but the following was just emailed to me:

From: Dick Hill
Sent: Sunday, September 15, 2013 11:49 AM
To: Dick Hill
Subject: Nitpicking blogger doesn’t understand democracy


Alternate comment based on facts

15 September, 2013

Nitpicking Blogger Doesn’t Understand Democracy

A Collingwood internet blogger is writing profusely on his negative opinion of town Council decisions. He doesn’t like Sprung structures for the new ice rink and swimming facility. Also, he’s against the Town saving $100,00 or so for questionable vandal protection.

The blogger singles out individual Councillors for special blame, lying and deceit without realizing that Council decisions are made by open voting of all nine Council members.

In a democracy, it is not acceptable to make accusations against individuals without backup that would stand in a court. The blogger is choosing to ‘shoot the messenger’ for providing public comment and information

The blogger’s continuing rant does adversely effect Collingwood democracy and residents confidence in our elected officials and should not be tolerated. His bully tactics arguing ‘truth’, ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘that people are not forced to read his rants’ are childish comments which concern all residents. Opinions are fine, but irresponsible statements are out of line and must be challenged to protect our democratic government

The blogger’s vigilante justice could be readily thrown back at him with an accusation that he broke into the incomplete pool facility to justify his opinion and caused considerable damage at a high cost to taxpayers.

Cheap comments are like bullying or stalking and could require libel, defamation or restraining orders to maintain community decency. They are merely political utterances from an arrogant someone who wishes he was smart enough to run for Council. His malicious use of internet freedom is not democratic and stands to be debunked by exposing the falseness of exaggerated claims.

Let me start my response to Dick by saying that I do not like anything about the new recreation facilities. BUT, if they had come about through discussion and committee. Then voted on by council. Then put out to a bidding process. You would not have heard a word from me. How many times do we have to say this to get it through your thick scull – IT’S THE PROCESS THAT WAS WRONG. You can write as many negative posts and letters about me as you want, you can call me a bully, childish, a vigilante, but that lack of process does not change and is what has a good deal of people upset.
But while we are here Dick let’s get this straight are you actually accusing me of vandalizing Centennial Pool? Because if so, THAT unlike most of the stuff I post, IS actually libelous. But I believe that in this forum I will actually debunk what you say and make your letter above look like what it is – Chadwick and his pals on council propaganda.
So you say that I broke into Centennial Pool and caused vandalism. Where is your proof of this? Did you see me doing it? Did someone else see me doing it? Did I leave my VFAN calling sign spray painted on the side of the “tent”? No to all of the above, as you well know. Because I was tucked up in bed sleeping when this unfortunate event took place.
Here’s the difference I post that council did not engage in a competitive bidding process on the tents – THAT IS A FACT. I post that the “tents” are ugly. That is my opinion but it is not libelous. I post that your buddy Chadwick is a pompous ass – that is probably not a very nice thing to call someone in public discourse, but he called me “someone that cannot read the front of a soccer jersey”. None of this is libelous, its not very nice, but it IS part of the democratic process and your buddy gives as good as he gets on the many electronic forums that he gifts us with his words of sage wisdom.
One last thing Dick, you can continue to let your friendship with Chadwick cloud your judgment about his and others performance on town council. You can continue to stick your fingers in your ears and go “La, Li, La, Li, La I can’t hear you”. But don’t expect the rest of us to do the same.


2 thoughts on “Response from a Blogging Vigilante ………….

  1. Dick some of the things you talked about were comments from readers not just Nobody It was my comment not to let this scandalous bunch of hooligans run the town any longer. If I applied to run a b&b out of my house I know our Councillors would make me jump through a million hoops before voting NO! And that would happen if even if I had the support of my neighbours never mind having the community all voicing concerns as the case of Mr. Lloyd’s purchasers application. If you think this wasn’t a self serving vote for the deputy Mayor by his buddies in power then you do have your head in the sand

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