Debunking Chadwicks Report


Our favorite councillor is at it again. I sometimes wonder if he is being deliberately obtuse when he posts this stuff. But then again he has a loyal set of followers that fawn on his every word. He posted this today:

For someone who thinks I am just a loud mouthed football hooligan, he certainly must read everything that I write about him – the “Red Herring” comment was mine. He had me scrambling today because I knew that Steve Berman had done a decent post on some alternatives to the current tents so I had to wade through his site to find it and here it is Steve posted this as part of a more general post on 27th April 2013 – “More on Central Park & Manners”

Now, back to more information on what could have been.

1. See the link below to show the “$22M Ameresco concept” that was to be constructed within 2 years. This video was shown at the August 27th meeting and has been running on the web for some time.

2. From July 19th. VP says energy company has ‘creative ideas’ for Central Park project

In that article, note that the YMCA CEO states, if the Town were to operate the pool, the losses would be between $250,000 and $350,000. If the YMCA operated the pool, it would cost the town between $60,000 and $100,000.

That was IF the pool was built at Central Park. We can only wonder what the true operating costs will be at the Centennial site.

3. The Ameresco presentation included:

1) Preliminary estimate of Proposed concept is $27 Million with YMCA expansion.
2) With a Design‐Build‐Finance model Ameresco will provide financing of up to $20 Million.
3) Design Build‐Finance model can be leveraged with future grant programs in order to construct other facilities on site.

All or a portion of the $14M from Collus-Powerstream sale proceeds would have come in handy by now too, wouldn’t it?

In a previous life I worked on many large recreation projects in Central Ontario and from the ground level was made very aware of the total cost to build these facilties I will give you an example below:

Huntsville Summit Centre – Total Cost $21 million – The budget and costing was displayed at the entrance of this wonderful facility when it was completed and it might still be on display now.


This facility was an add on to an existing recreation centre and was originally going to be the media center for the 2010 G8 Summit. It consisted of an Olympic sized ice rink with seating for 1200 people and an inside running track around the outside of the seating areas. It was twined with the old original arena and the pool which underwent major upgrades including a therapeutic pool, new pool and gymnasium and lots of new public space. This is a serious facility that has the third of only three Olympic sized iced surfaces in Ontario – That’s what $21 million buys!!!

In Chadwick’s post the major “Red Herring” is the 20% contingency and this report was used to scare the whole town into swallowing these tents. This report was pounced upon by Chadwick et al to forward there own agenda.


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