The consequences of no cohesive recreation plan


Continuing on from my post about multi-use-facility give back. Let’s take a look at the resulting financial consequences caused by Lloyd and Coopers voting plus Sandberg, Chadwick and Edwards flip-flop in 2004:
The soccer pitches on leased lands so we have paid those lease payments for 9 years. The lease payments would not have happened because part of the Multi Use Facility deal was purchasing that land for $840k. Those leased lands purchased by the current council in 2012 dollars instead of 2004 dollars. $14 million on tent #1 and tent #2. The temporary outdoor rink with foundations put in. The monies shelled out for the old Contact Centre before it closed, the monies dumped into Centennial pool on its infrastructure before the tent decision. The standalone library that would have been part of the Multi Use on 10th line. It adds up to millions of dollars and it more than exceeds the amount that would have been our portion for the multi-use facility in 2004 which was $16 million of $24 million and would have opened in 2008. Think of the money the parents have spent driving backwards and forwards to Feversham and Wasaga Beach and Creemore because of the lack of ice time locally.
Our town could have had their recreational facilities in 2008 and the baseball players wouldn’t have had their fields taken away. A dog park at Mountainview. A soccer pitch at Mountainview. The Y continuing to service the swimming needs of the east side of town, while the Multi Use Facility services the needs of the west side of town and also serves as changing rooms and base for Collingwood United Soccer Club. Our kids could have still had an outdoow pool option at Mountainview. The arena downtown could have been refurbished as the towns 2nd ice surface or by now 10th line phase 2 would have kicked in. Soccer bubble at PRA administered and run by the town as part of the towns recreation facility stable.
I am an uneducated dolt as far as Chadwick is concerned, but the above is what I call a cohesive recreation plan for our town and a multitude of missed opportunities.

This council is the most fiscally incompetent bunch ever to hold seats in Collingwood. Look into the distant past and it explains what has happened this past year. We are re-living their fiscally demonstrated ineptitude. Do it once, do it right, this is the 2nd, 3rd or 4th attempt of sound recreational investment by the same incompetent faces and they still have not got it right. The domino effect from 2004 by a majority of the same people will haunt us all for decades.

You the voting public of this town need to get involved, be informed and make these people accountable next year. All some of us can do is point this stuff out you are the ones that hold the ultimate “big stick”.


11 thoughts on “The consequences of no cohesive recreation plan

  1. I am just a minion, slaving away eking out an existence.
    The beauty of the inter web is that you can be anywhere in the country, continent or world, read anything and comment…
    Seriously Nobody whether you get votes or not, YOU tried to make change, if you ran.
    Of course not everybody will like what you stand for, but at least you tried to change things.
    Ramblings are good, but they eventually go on deaf ears if change is not enacted or tried.

  2. Just replying to what Jake had said… Get with it Nobody.
    Personally, people like to bitch about things, nothing will ever be perfect for them, as nothing is perfect in the real world, in which most people live.
    The people that bitch need to stand up, and run for office, and open themselves up to criticism, about every little thing. It is easy to sit back and complain, saying they should do this and that, but when put in the hot seat to make intelligent decisions it is not as easy as sitting back and criticizing. Decisions are made for specific reasons, and most are made for what is right at the time and for the future.

    That is it for me, I have a 30M business to run..

  3. Saddest thing is that here was a very cohesive plan available. Read the Master Recreation Plan that was developed by the PRAC. It just was not followed. Nor was the town’s Official Plan. I believe that you can find them both on the town website.

  4. All of this makes sense, but it means little unless you can get some new faces of smart, young people with focus, vision and a long term plan for the Town. So far, Keith Hull looks like the only one to go forward, but where are the new faces?

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