An End to “Empty SUITs Stupid Motion”

Gong show

If any of you had any doubt about how dysfunctional our town council has now become, look no further than last night’s council meeting. I am sure a few of you watched it on Rogers so you know exactly what I mean.
The gong show which has been the Kevin Lloyd motion to council to try to discredit the Better Together Collingwood survey was finally dealt with (or should I say not dealt with) last night.

For those of you who weren’t watching I will give you a quick synopsis of last night’s fun and games. For the benefit of HDG I will now and forever more in this space, always refer to Kevin Lloyd as “Empty SUIT”. Because my previous incorrect spelling of SUIT and highlighting my lack of post-secondary education is obviously way more important than this fools stupidity in council chambers. But then HDG doesn’t really know what side of the fence it’s on does it???

But I digress…….

The evening started off with Joe Gardhouse asking that Empty SUITs motion to be ruled out of order on the basis that it’s outside the realm of what council can do (I missed this). This next part is important. Instead of your mayor showing some much needed leadership and quashing this stupid affair she goes through the motions of checking some procedural claptrap and rules Empty SUIT’s motion be left on the council agenda. Joe then makes appeal to council on the mayors decision, which goes to a recorded vote.
Cooper, both Lloyds, Chadwick and Cunningham vote to leave it in the agenda. Hull, Gardhouse, Edwards and West vote to have it removed (well done Edwards and West I might have to take another look at you two). So Empty SUITs stupid motion stays on the agenda.

So all of us in what I like to call the “Bloggerazzi’ in the back row, had to slog through a marathon 3 hour council session in bated anticipation for this stupid motion to be debated.

Finally at around 7.50pm stupid motion time comes, Empty SUIT reads stupid motion. Then goes into a 5 minute diatribe about – well I don’t really know what actually. I know he panned Ian Adams – a few times. Read out excerpts from previous Scoop blogs and Enterprise Bulletin articles. Finished things off with something to the effect that “Brian Saunderson” had not provided town council with the requested information (apparently he was never formally asked) so therefore his stupid motion was withdrawn. Joe Gardhouse then laughs uncontrollably ( the loudest laugh I think I have ever heard). The mayor looks really embarrassed, her face the colour of a summer radish. Calls council chamber to order and that my friends was the end of what I will now and forever call “Empty SUITs Stupid Motion”.

This stuff writes itself!!!


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