Budget Woes

budget woes

In all the excitement surrounding Empty SUITs motion, I almost forgot about the preliminary budget report.

I am sure most of you have heard by now that in Marjorie Leonard’s report she is anticipating a 10.8% property tax hike next year. What you might have missed and this is important. It was mentioned as part of CAO John Brown’s statement after Marjorie had finished. He told us that development fees and other charges were down AND …………………… we must remember that we are now only pulling in half the revenue from Collus because we sold half of it earlier this year. Some of you regular readers might remember this: https://viewfromanobody.wordpress.com/2013/06/12/ernies-conundrum/ I will say no more on the Collus deal for now.
Also guess what else is causing this budget problem? Extra operating costs on the new facilities that have just been built. When they all decided to go this route last year, was this not thought of and budgeted for? Also remember a few months ago when they were all lauding about what great fiscal managers they are and I actually congratulated them on it. Then I posted this: https://viewfromanobody.wordpress.com/2013/07/24/internet-fishing-catches-a-whopper/ then this https://viewfromanobody.wordpress.com/2013/07/27/budget-fishing-nets-another/
Looks like those folks were spot on.

Never fear Mr. Chadwick, as usual, has come up with the big solutions to the big problems – He thinks we can sort the budget problem out with light bulbs. Other than that he was very subdued last night. I wonder why?

Also Rick Lloyd has decided that the best way to fix it is ……………………what was his solution, let me think. Oh yes he is going back into his office putting a couple of fingers in his ears and saying “La,la,la I can’t hear you”.
The other thing I was thinking, as the bad news was piling on Monday evening. Cast your mind back around 15 months. Were we not told that if we were to build the $35 million recreation facility, property taxes would rise by ………………… yes you guessed it 10%.

I see some chickens coming in the distance, looks like they might be coming home to roost!!!


2 thoughts on “Budget Woes

  1. According to Councillor Chadwick’s many claims of accomplishments made by this Council, the new rec facilities have constantly been touted by him as being “tax neutral.” Despite having over 25 years of corporate profit and loss accountability, I can’t think of any creative accounting methods that would result in a $13 million capital expense combined with the ongoing and at this point unknown operational costs associated with these facilities as being “tax neutral” and of no cost to the residents of Collingwood. Time will tell how creative they can be crunching the numbers for the 2014 budget in order to prevent a double digit tax hike next year, an election year no less.

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