Elitist Pompous Codswallup!!!


I had decided this weekend that I was going to give this blog a break for a week or so. Apart from my blue bin recycling route (you remember I’m the guy with the checked Timmins dinner jacket rifling through your blue box at 5 am) I run an indoor soccer league in winter which is starting to take up more and more of my time.
But then this arrived in my inbox a few minutes ago:
I will save you the bother of reading it, because as with most of Mr. Chadwicks waffling’s it takes a 1000 words to get a point across that most of us mere mortals would take 300 to say exactly the same thing. This post is a long winded missive basically bemoaning the fact that the internet has given people like myself and other such reality TV watching, Nascar following, chewing tobacco chomping low lifes the same access to the masses that he and his elitist pals get. If I am getting his point straight he would like to introduce some kind of rating system so that when you stumble upon say “View from a Nobody” you would get a red flashing warning X in the corner of your screen that denotes that the person writing the bit does not have a university education and anything written about should be treated with the contempt he thinks it deserves. I guess the other side of that coin would be when you log into “Scripturient” you would get a green check mark so everything in that posting is OK for the masses to consume because the poster has been properly vetted on education, religion and capable of cognitive thought.
As usual Mr. Chadwick has got it all wrong. I don’t mock his blog because of its intellectual content or because I am anti-intellectual. I have lots of friends and acquaintances that are well read and well educated. I can generally hold my own in debate or conversation on a wide range of subjects with the best of them. I mock his blog because it is filled with elitist pompous codswallop. He is a councillor in small town Ontario, if he is going to do blog posts you would think he would provide subject matter on subjects that are relevant to the people that voted for him. But it’s not about that is it? It’s about showing everyone how well read and how clever he is. Someone in town that I have a lot of respect for described his blog to me perfectly in one word “insufferable”
The last paragraph of his latest post is as follows:
“Blogging about any topic not in the narrow populist, anti-intellectual scope will get you denounced as an “elite” too.”
The following is an online definition of an elitist:
“The belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status, or financial resources.”
That definition Mr. Chadwick is why I call you an elitist. Not because you blog outside of the “narrow populist, anti- intellectual scope”.


4 thoughts on “Elitist Pompous Codswallup!!!

  1. I lost the last shred of respect that I ever had for Chadwick….and my vote this time around.
    This is either a very pretentious blog post, or his homework for some university course, inadvertently posted to the wrong site.
    …and for what purpose?
    It no longer surprises me that Chadwick “shoots himself in the foot”…. for all to see. What surprises me is how fast he reloads.
    No sympathy for self-inflicted wounds Ian.

  2. Hey Nobody, two things you need to realize:
    1. Not everyone has a university degree. Some of the most successful people I know don’t have one; and conversely some of the least street smart or aware people I know of have many degrees. It doesn’t matter. Don’t let Chadwick bamboozle you with BS.
    2. Chadwick is an inane, pompous ass and everyone knows it. He is self destructing faster than Mike Duffy.

    • Ok, I really cannot resist…because I truly depise pompous asses who think they are better than other people.
      That person is trying to be very guignol with his comments, and acting like he is the only coruscating mind in all of Collingwood. What has actually happened is people peruse him to be jocusely moribund with his political career.

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