Coming to a neighborhood near you – More traffic lights!!!

traffic lights\

I was perusing through Ian Adams excellent live blog of Mondays evenings town council meeting earlier on today. One item jumped right out of the screen at me, in amongst the back and forth proposals for the Hume St redevelopment/refurbishment is this little gem – There are three new signal installations proposed, at Ste. Marie, at Minnesota, and at Raglan. Councillor Mike Edwards questioned whether that’s a lot of traffic lights along Hume. Let me have a think about that one for a second ………………… HELL YES!!!!
Nowadays I would defy any of you to actually get through the most annoying (second most annoying actually. First and High has that honour) light in this town, the one at Peel and Hume. I sat and watched the stupid thing one afternoon. The Peel sides are obviously triggered by people driving over the magnetic strip at the stop line. So what happens is someone pulls up to the light to turn right traffic clears they turn right and are gone. The light then changes to red and everyone on Hume sits there with no traffic going through or anywhere near Peel St. Then if you are traveling west you have to suffer the further annoyance of waiting for the opposite directions left turn arrow to do its thing.
Now they want to add another 3 lights to this nightmare. So what you will end up with is from Highway 26 to Hurontario SIX sets of traffic lights on Hume. When I first arrived in town that’s more lights than there were in the whole town.
Not sure who thinks this stuff up, but I guarantee that traffic will always takes the path of least resistance. Myself as a case in point: In the course of my day to day adventures, I often travel along Raglan, turn left on Hume, then travel along Hume to Hurontario. The following is what I will do when the above obstacle course is in place: I will turn right on Mathew Way, down to Ontario St, then left all the way through to Third and Hurontario with only one light to deal with the whole way. I suggest others will follow my lead and Ontario St will end up like Highway 400 on a Friday afternoon.


16 thoughts on “Coming to a neighborhood near you – More traffic lights!!!

  1. Nice to see the police are out catching the speeders at the round a bouts but the other day I almost crashed into someone who completely stopped before entering the round a bout; there were no cars in the round a bout or near the round a bout except our two. Yield to the vehicles in the round about does not mean stop before entering.

  2. In the 1800’s Toronto did not have paved roads, or traffic lights… look how far they have come……….. Seriously complaining about everything, whether you are a so called “smart’ guy or not, is mentally wearing and makes people think you cry wolf too much……. next will be attacks against the bias in the works department against sidewalks at a certain time of year…..waaait a second……
    Traffic lights are the biggest threat to democracy in Canada if not the world……how dare they calm traffic…they must be socialist lights…
    Imagine once Hume is done, try and get on to it from Ste Marie street… It is almost impossible now, without t-boning someone..or getting t-boned….

    • I have a pat answer I use for comment like yours Stu. I don’t force you to visit this site, you come of your own free will. I also don’t force you to read any of my scribbling’s.
      I have one last comment Stu. In case you haven’t noticed, this blog deals mainly with my comment, opinions and views on the local political scene of Collingwood by default that is always going to involve a fair amount of complaining.

  3. I watched the Council meeting on TV and I too was somewhat shocked to see that three more traffic lights are being proposed for Hume Street. I am afraid that we are becoming the type of municipality that many whom are looking to move here no longer will as inevitably they will not escape the traffic congestion, intensive development and high high taxes etc. found in larger urban centres. So much of what often gets approved contradicts itself. We have an anti-idling bylaw yet approve more drive thru’s and traffic lights. Your point about seeking out an alternate route will in fact put more traffic onto residential side streets. As an example, my brother frequently goes out Mountain Road to Osler Bluff Road to avoid what he calls running “the gauntlet” along High Street through Balsam Street to HWY 26 west, a series of 8 traffic lights. This is just another example of a reactionary Council, one which exhibits no vision and has no plans relative to where we are today and what we want our future to be.

    • Rick, why would I care…”that many whom are looking to move here no longer will”?
      While some of us (Real Estate Agents?) might think that the more big-city retirees moving here the better, I personally cant get excited about it. I would think that getting some proper jobs (not ‘McJobs’) are the key to propsperity. That’s more likely to attract young skilled working people than the promise of traffic-light-free drives across town.

      • I think we all need to care about growth for a variety of reasons. First, the town’s spending is outpacing the revenues coming in. Slow growth of our assessment base is one of the reasons identified by the Treasurer for a potential 10% plus tax hike next year. I agree wholeheartedly with you, we need jobs. I was transferred here with Goodyear in 1985, was out of the country for 4 years and moved back only to watch the better paying jobs evaporate as they have in so many other communities. I spend many years on the Board of Directors with the Chamber of Commerce trying to help local business but we need more. It needs to be a key issue in the next municipal election and whether I run for Council or not, I am committed to sit on a committee or task force that will address the economic development needs of the community. At the same time growth needs to be effectively managed and hasn’t been in order to not just preserve but enhance the area’s quality of life for all concerned both young and old, retired or employed.

    • Also Rick, I note that you say:

      “… avoid what he calls running “the gauntlet” along High Street through Balsam Street to HWY 26 west, a series of 8 traffic lights. This is just another example of a reactionary Council”

      Its all very well to criticize but you dont present any alternative plan. Lets start with the above example. What is your solution? Please also consider pedestrians in your comments (there are several roads in Collingwood that can be extremely difficult to cross on foot). What would be the impact of less traffic lights on this? Look forward to hearing your vision.

      • Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this but fundamentally it’s not about walking, biking or building mini-roundabouts as someone mentioned. The traffic issues can only be addressed via proactive common sense planning practices. The influx of traffic lights on High and Balsam Streets came about as the result of the retail development we have seen in that part of town. The light went in at High and Sixth about the same time Rona came along and now it’s gone. Perhaps a better example is to look at the city of Barrie. Having worked in Barrie for 5 years in the late 1980’s and 90’s I saw first hand the nightmare they created on Bayfield Street. They are now creating even a bigger mess at Hwy 400 and Maple View Drive., traffic there is virtually gridlock no matter what time of day or day of week it is. We have to think smarter and more proactively rather than reacting to poorly planned land uses that necessitate the need for more stop signs, stop lights, more lanes etc. etc.

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